How to Clear the Cache on Your Xbox One

The easiest troubleshooting step.
Ash Ash (362)
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If you're having trouble launching games and apps, or if some of them just aren't working properly, clearing the cache on your Xbox One can be a great troubleshooting step. Restarting your console often isn't enough. You'll need to go a little further to make sure the excess data is completely purged.

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Xbox One Power Button

First, you'll need to completely shut down your Xbox One console.

Xbox One Unplug From Power

Unplug the Xbox One from the wall outlet or power strip then disconnect the power brick from the back of the console. This step is imperative to ensuring the cache is deleted.

Wait for at least 5 minutes to allow the cache to completely clear. Be sure not to rush this step.

Reconnect the power cable. When the AC adapter light turns orange, turn on your Xbox One.

After it reboots, try accessing the application or feature that was giving you trouble in the first place. If all goes well, the cache clearing has solved your problem!

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