How to Share Your Screen in Zoom

When you want to share that important project or presentation in Zoom.
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Screen sharing is Zoom basic, much like setting up and hosting a Zoom Meeting. Knowing how to share your screen in Zoom allows you to share those important presentations and projects on your computer's screen with your colleagues and friends.

In this guide, we show you how to share your entire screen or just a single open window on your computer.


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Zoom Screen Share

In the Zoom meeting screen, select Screen Share at the bottom of the screen.

(You might have to hover your mouse at the bottom of the screen. This feature can be changed by going to Window and selecting Always Show Meeting Controls.)

Zoom Screen Share Window with Two Options

You can choose to share your entire screen in Zoom or individual screens:

  1. You have the option to share your entire desktop by selecting the screen titled something like Desktop 1. (You may have multiple desktops running, but most will not.)
  2. If you only want to share one window on Zoom, then select the individual window you want to share - such as a Safari window or Word document. (Just keep in mind that your Zoom participants will only see that screen, even if you navigate elsewhere while presenting.)

Note: you can choose to share your computer audio from this screen as well.

Share Screen in Zoom of Howchoo website

Once you select the window, your Zoom meeting window will automatically minimize to give you access to the screen you're sharing.

At the top of your screen, you'll see the Zoom controls for typical things, plus the added screen sharing buttons. From here you can:

  • Share an additional screen (if you need to)
  • Stop the screen share
  • Pause the screen share

For another guide aimed at meeting hosts, check out our guide on doing breakout rooms in Zoom.

A hidden feature in Zoom is the ability to share your desktop audio to participants.
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There are times when you need to share the audio from a video or song to your participants. If you were to play the video into your microphone, however, the sound would be muddy and distorted.