How to Install ZSH (Z Shell)

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As much as I loved the Bourne Again Shell, I feel like I've been living in the stone ages. I switched to Z shell a number of years ago, and my life is more enjoyable. I was recently referred to the FISH (Fish shell), so I will probably experiment with that soon as well. Naturally, a few zsh guides will likely follow, but I'll start with how to install it.

Note: If you've upgraded your macOS to Catalina, zsh is now the default shell.

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Zsh is available in most package managers.


brew install zsh


sudo apt-get install zsh


sudo yum install zsh

If you want to specify zsh as your default shell run this:

chsh -s /bin/zsh

Now when you open a new shell it will use zsh.

Oh my zsh is a framework for managing you zsh configuration. Learn how to install oh my zsh here. Or learn more about oh my zsh here.

John John (304)
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Whether you're using a Raspberry Pi desktop or headless, you'll likely need to open a Linux shell at some point.