Top 10 3D-Printed Toys for Kids

Get the printer ready, it’s time to play!
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Are you looking for something 3-dimensional and fun to do this weekend with or for your kids? How about for the whole week? We've got more than enough 3D-printed toys and projects to keep you and your children busy!

Whether you're looking for a simple kid-friendly 3D project or something a little more technical, this is the list for you. Each of these 3D printed toys can be printed easily on a good budget-level 3D printer.

Keep reading and get the 3D printer ready.

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Construction Toy Surprise Eggs

Made By: agepbiz

Model: Thingiverse

Everyone loves a good surprise! Who knows what's inside? These surprise eggs were carefully designed to house tiny construction toys. The creator, agepbiz, made a full set of 6 to print and collect.

Modular Dollhouse

Made By: Beatrice1975

Model: Thingiverse

Image Source: INKBETHINK

Are you after a small ranch style home or a big whoppin' mansion? This is the 3D printed dollhouse for you! The designer, Beatrice1975, decided modular pieces were the way to go. You can choose from several different rooms to help create the dollhouse of your dreams.

Walking Quadruped Robot

Made By: bq3D

Model: Thingiverse

Image Source: Thingiverse

Some weekends are better spent on a nice tech project. This little guy is perfect for the occasion! This walking quadruped robot was created by bq3D. He uses eight servo motors, two on each leg, and an Arduino to locomote.

Modular Puzzle Mazes

Made By: MandyRae

Model: Thingiverse

Image Source: Thingiverse

Combining the best of both worlds is MandyRae with these awesome puzzle mazes! Just snap them together to make your own maze. This project is subject to updates, be sure to visit the Thingiverse page for printing tips from the creator.

Note: In the example picture, MandyRae is using a 4.5mm BB as a ball bearing.


Made By: dutchmogul

Model: Thingiverse

Image Source: Thingiverse

If you're looking for a really fun board game to print, it’s time for your own copy of Pocket-Dungeons. This tile-based dungeon crawler is perfect for groups—around two to six players. You can find more Pocket-Tactics sets by dutchmogul on Thingiverse here.

Decoder Ring

Made By: cymon

Model: Thingiverse

Image Source: Thingiverse

H'a ashi wmrna H nazmt?

Oops! I think you need my decoder ring. Designer cymon has got you covered. Just print out one of these bad boys and let the secrets spill! It’s also perfect for hiding in the bottom of a box of cereal, for old times sake.

Articulated Octopus

Made By: Ellindsey

Model: Thingiverse

Image Source: Thingiverse

No 3D printed toy list is complete without a fun, articulated project. This octopus won our hearts over with its eight beautifully articulated limbs. Kudos to Ellindsey for this intricate octopus toy design.

Crayon Holder

Made By: Jaydmdigital

Model: Thingiverse

Image Source: Thingiverse

Running out of crayon is the worst! If your crayons have gotten too small to hold, it's time to give this 3D printed crayon holder a try. It also helps protect crayons from breaking under a tight grip. Artists can thank Jaydmdigital for this useful design.

Baby Mace

Made By: dutchmogul

Model: Thingiverse

Image Source: Thingiverse

We just had to include this baby-specific make! This cute little mace will certainly prepare your baby for their first raid boss!

Yes, make sure you 3D print this one using a non-toxic filament because your baby will likely put this into their mouth.


Made By: Joe Larson

Model: YouMagine

Image Source: YouMagine

Music lovers rejoice! This 3D printed recorder, created by Joe Larson, works surprisingly well. It's not hard to find flutes, ocarinas, and other instruments for 3D printing. But it can be challenging to find one that sounds nice. Check out Joe playing his 3D printed recorder here and judge for yourself.

Watch the video:

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