How to Make Whiskey Simple Syrup

When I was first offered a beverage flavored with whiskey simple syrup, I was in a coffee shop in Sa

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Power Your Raspberry Pi Zero with a Battery Using the JuiceBox Zero

The Raspberry Pi Zero is an incredible tool for building a wide variety of IoT devices. And until la

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How to Make the Perfect Dovetail Joint Using Traditional Woodworking Tools

There are plenty of helpful videos on this subject, but I find guides with pictures to be useful wit

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Ender 3 V2 – The Easiest Guide to Leveling and Test-Printing

If you’re like me and are just starting out on your 3D printing journey, there’s little doubt in

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How to Make Chamomile Simple Syrup

For thousands of years, chamomile has been used to calm anxiety and settle sour stomachs, but recent

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A Fan’s Guide to the Best Star Trek Fan Films

When it comes to Do-It-Yourself projects, the ultimate expression has to be fan films. The amou

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How to Lay 5/4 Wood Decking

5/4 decking looks great and is very cost effective. This guide will take you through laying and secu

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Anycubic Kobra Go: How to Load Filament

I dig the Anycubic line of Kobra printers in large part because of how many ease-of-use fe

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Leveling the Kobra Go 3D Printer

I’ve been a pretty die-hard fan of Anycubic’s Kobra series and the 25-point automat

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Create a Raspberry Pi MIDI keyboard synthesizer

Waiting for the bass to drop? Wait no longer! Today we’re making our own Raspberry Pi-powered

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My $75 DIY Fire Pit

There’s nothing like a fire pit to bring friends together! I decided to make a budget-consciou

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How to Soften Paintbrushes (and keep them good as new!)

If you’re a painter, you’ve likely dealt with dried paint left on the bristles on your b

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