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how•choo / hau•cho͞o (noun.)

Howchoo is a simpler approach to DIY. The product of numerous sleepless nights and post-workday hackathons, we started Howchoo with a simple vision: to create a community centered around awesome DIY enthusiasts.

BrittManaging Editor

Britt runs the editorial team for Howchoo.

ChristinaContent Writer

Christina is a writer with a BFA in Creative Writing, years of experience working with technology, and a passion for all things creative. She has a wide array of interests in subjects such as cooking, knitting, DIY, literature, and technology. Currently, she's still working as a freelance writer and book reviewer, writing a book, and excited to be exploring her many interests here at Howchoo.

AshSenior Tech Writer

Ash is an experienced tech writer with an endless passion for technology. She enjoys retro gaming, 3D printing, and making awesome projects on the Raspberry Pi.

JohnHowchoo Founder

Tyler keeps Howchoo running smoothly and prevents the servers from catching on fire. When he's not submerged in code, Tyler is on an adventure of some sort, reading philosophy and religion, or tasting delicious beer — but he's mostly submerged in code.

Howchoo Founder

Zach is responsible for making Howchoo look pretty (and usable, of course). When he's not lost in the woods, Zach can usually be found tinkering in his workshop, writing lines of code, or sampling Tampa Bay's finest craft brews.

DayneHowchoo Founder

Dayne loves hacking things, in both a computer sense and a wielding-an-axe sense. He also works on our Django implementation and charms Pythons for a living.

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