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    Getting Started With Django Forms

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    Django forms are an excellent way to manage user input in a Django application. Once you learn how to wield them, you'll never go back to manually coding a form tag and handling the response.

    How to use recursion in Python

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    This guide is meant for people who are not overly familiar with recursion and would like to learn practical ways to use it in Python. The principles apply to other languages too.R

    How to cut your own hair

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    I began cutting my own hair about a year ago. Partly because I was sick of making the time to go to a salon and partly because I'm a cheap bastard.

    Paul Sellers Mallet

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    I recently received a copy of Paul Sellers' book on hand tools. In it, he describes the mallet he designed and gives some tips on reproducing it.

    How to fix doors that won't close

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    A common problem in older homes is that the doors just don't close very well. This can happen for several reasons, the most common being paint build up throughout the years.

    Walnut Plant Stand

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    Why put your plant on the ground like some sort of animal when you can spend hours making a wooden plant stand?

    How to identify and fix N+1 queries in your Rails app using Scout APM

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    The N+1 problem occurs when at least two objects are stored in a database with a one-to-many relationship and queries are performed against the "one" table, then separately n number of times against the related object, n being the number of related objects.To illustrate this, I'll use the analogy of a meal website and a page where you wish to display the meals. In the controller:@meals = Meal.where(status=1) # approximate query: SELECT * FROM meals WHERE status = 1;In the view:<% @meal.each do |meals| %> <div class="meal-row"> <h4><%= %><br /> <%= link_to meal.user.username, user_path(meal.user.username) %> <%# approximate query: SELECT * FROM users WHERE = {{ meal_id }}; %> </h4> <p><%= meal.description %></p> <%= link_to 'Cook This Now', meal %> </div> <% end %>Notice how we're creating a link to meal.user.username.To approximate the queries used in this page, we have the following:SELECT * FROM meals WHERE status = 1; # 1 time, yielding n rows SELECT * FROM users WHERE = {{ meal_id }}; # n timesThe ORM in Rails should do a lot of work to minimize the net slowness of this problem such as database indexing and caching template fragments, but nothing will change the fact that you are querying the database in a loop.Now let's take a look at how to find these in your code and how to get rid of them.

    Cedar Hot Tub Table

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    This table lives outside next to a hot tub. I used cedar because it lives at a cabin in Tennessee that already has a bunch of outdoor cedar.A

    DIY Cabinet feet

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    Adding decorative feet to your cabinets can give them a ton of character and is super quick and easy to accomplish.

    Light Roast vs. Dark Roast

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    The darkness of a roast greatly affects its flavor profile. I'm going to tell you a bit of the why and hopefully teach you some things you didn't know.

    Make Espresso Using the Moka Pot

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    The Moka pot is an incredible piece of engineering. Invented in 1933 in Italy, the Moka pot brought espresso (or something that very closely resembles espresso) to anyone with a stove.

    Farmhouse dinner table

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    We needed a new dinner table. I wanted to learn about woodworking. This table was built using mostly hand tools and as much traditional joinery as I could figure out.

    How to lay 5/4 decking

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    5/4 decking looks great and is very cost effective. This guide will take you through laying and securing your 5/4 decking.

    How to cut a mortise by hand

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    It can be tricky to cut a mortise without the help of machines but using this method, I find I end up with mortises as clean or cleaner than what I could get with a drill.

    DIY massive bookcase

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    This bookcase was inspired by the Ikea bookcase system called Ivar. It was heavily modified (and slightly over engineered). I will take you through my process and hopefully you'll learn something!

    How to make the poor man's router

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    If you do not own a router plane or a powered router, its quite simple to make a router using a chisel. You'll need a drill and a bit that's just slightly smaller than the chisel you'd like to use.

    How to dig holes in clay

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    Clay can be a real pain to dig in. Whether its footers for a backyard deck or simply potted plants, this is a great way to make it easier.

    How to log in to a Time Warner router

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    There are many reasons you might want to access your Time Warner router. For instance, you may want to change your password or set up port forwarding for a nerdy project you are working on.

    How to Install Vim Plugins Without a Plugin Manager

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    Vundle, Pathogen, Vim-plug, VAM, and the others can be great time savers but sometimes you just have to do something yourself so you can understand what exactly the time saving software is doing for you in the background. For myself, I got sick of not understanding what these were doing to my system. I realized I did not know the fundamentals of vim plugins so I set out to learn.This is a step by step guide to teach you how to install a basic vim plugin without the help of any fancy manager.

    How to shave with a straight razor

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    Shaving with a straight razor is a little tough at the beginning, but once you get used to it, its an extremely close shave and costs next to nothing once you have the gear.

    How to make pour over coffee

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    Making a pour over is one of the simplest, cheapest ways to get an excellent cup of coffee. It takes a little practice to get it just right, but it is absolutely worth it.

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