How to Update Apps on Android

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Most Android apps can be set to update automatically. If you need to manually update an app, you have a couple of options. Apps can be updated through the Google Play store or within a specific application.

Be sure your Android device is connected to WiFi before starting an update. If you want to remove any unwanted apps, visit our guide on how to delete apps on Androids.

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Google Play store

The easiest way to update your apps is through the Google Play store. Open the Play Store app.

Google Play My Apps & Games

Open the main menu by tapping the menu icon in the upper left corner - the icon looks like three horizontal lines. Choose My apps & games.

Google Play App Update

This screen will list all of your installed applications. Select the app you want to update. Choose Update.

Google Play update all apps

You can also use this screen to update all of your apps at once. Choose Update all at the top of the screen.

Alternately, some apps include an update option within the app. Open the application you want to update. Look for a menu and see if you can find an option to update.

Android Automatically Update Apps

You also have the option to set your apps to automatically update. To do this: 1. Open the Play Store app. 2. Under the main menu choose Settings 3. Go to Auto-update apps

You will have the option to update apps using WiFi only or with mobile data too.

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Setting up your work email on an Android phone is easy—everything synchronizes through Gmail, the default mail application.