How to Block Websites on Chrome

Create and manage your own blacklist.
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While it's easy to enable and disable a pop-up blocker, the Chrome web browser doesn't come with any features for blocking or creating blacklists for websites. If you want to block a website on Chrome, you'll need to use a third-party extension.

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Chrome blocking extension

There are several Chrome extensions available that provide tools to block websites. You'll need to choose one; here are a few popular options to aid your research

Block Site - This extension was created by and offers a few features centered around blocking websites both temporarily and permanently.

Site Blocker - This extension is available from Soli Software Inc. It has features for managing blocked websites on a schedule, based on keyword, and more.

Stay Focused - This extension is designed to limit access to specific websites by blocking them with the goal of improving your focus on other tasks. It's owned by Transfusion Media.

Add Chrome Extension

Once you find a suitable extension, click Add to Chrome and then Add extension on the pop-up.

The extension will have a unique process for updating and managing your website blacklist. If there is no tutorial, look in the app settings for an area to add a website to the blocked list. You can always try a different extension if you don't like your current one.

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