How to Clear Your Browser Cache for Any Browser

Clearing your browser cache is a great way to solve common internet issues. If a webpage isn’t

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How To Save Tab Groups in Google Chrome (Two Ways!)

Being able to create tab groups in Google Chrome is great, but being able to save them for

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How to Open URLs in Google Chrome from the macOS Terminal

If you spend any amount of time working on the command line in macOS, you’ll realize it’

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How to Set Up and Connect to Chromecast

Got a new Chromecast? It’s time to get streaming! The setup process has changed over recent ye

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Remove a Google Chrome Profile (The Quick Way!)

Google Chrome power users likely make use of profiles to manage various browsing contexts. There are

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Use Chrome Developer Tools to Check Whether Resources Are Loading over SSL

In the wake of Google’s announcement that it will start giving a ranking boost to full-SS

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How to Stop Chrome from Automatically Redirecting to https

If you ever visited the https version of a website (whether it resolved or not),

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