How to make the easiest 3 ingredient iced mocha

2 minutes

It's so hot here in the summer and all I want to drink is iced coffee! Here's the simplest way I've figured out how to make one of my favorite drinks- an iced mocha- at home. As long as you prep your cold brew the night before, there's no reason this should take you longer than 2 minutes!

Kitchen tools
1 eaGlass
1 eaSpoon
1 eaIce
1 CupCold brew coffee
1 CupMilk of your choice
2 TbspChocolate syrup

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I've been prepping a batch nearly every night lately to have iced coffee the next day. Dayne's guide to making cold brew coffee in a French press is the simplest way I've found to make cold brew, especially since I don't even measure.

Pour your 3 ingredients over ice

Add ice, equal parts cold brew and milk (I don't measure but about a cup each), and 1-2 tablespoons of chocolate syrup, depending on how sweet you want it.

We have lots of great recipes that you can make with only 3 ingredients, like:

We know you love each of these and add them to your go-to repertoire!

3 minutes

I was looking for a healthier way to drink iced coffee and had the idea of using protein powder as a way to add flavor and, of course, protein.