How to Log in to a Cisco Router

Log in and take control of your Cisco network.
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There are plenty of reasons to log in to your router and many settings you can take advantage of to customize and secure your network. Fortunately, Cisco routers are as standard as they come. Continue reading to learn how to log in to your Cisco router.

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Computer, tablet, or mobile device×1

This can be a wired or Wi-Fi connection.

The router login can be accessed using almost any browser window. Navigate to the router's IP address in the address bar.

Default Cisco router IP

You will receive a pop-up asking for the Cisco router login information. Enter the current username and password for your router.

If you have a new or recently reset router, you will need the default login credentials.

username: admin
password: admin

Congratulations! Now you’re an unstoppable Network Administrator. Use your powers wisely.

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