How to Convert an Excel File to Google Sheets

Excel files easily transfer to Google Sheets.
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For anyone who has decided to switch over to Google Workspace, they might find they have a bunch of Excel spreadsheets that they need to transfer first. Others may need to share Excel files with those using Google Sheets. Either way, an Excel spreadsheet should be easily convertible to a Google Sheets spreadsheet.

We'll walk you through the steps of saving your Microsoft Excel sheet as a Google Sheet that can be shared in that format.

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Saving Excel Spreadsheet

Save your Excel spreadsheet as an Excel workbook (.xls or .xlsx).

In Microsoft Excel:

  • Go to File.
  • Choose Save as.
  • Name your file and save it somewhere retrievable.
Open a file Google Sheets
  • Open up a blank Google Sheet.
  • Go to File > Open. (Or press Cmd + O.)
  • Drag the Excel file into the gray box or select the file from your computer.
Google Sheet converted from Excel

Once you open your Excel file into Google Sheets, it will automatically be converted to the Google Sheets format. Look it over for any formatting errors, but, generally, the conversion works very well.

Do I need to save the new Google Sheets file?

Nope. By default, Google saves the file with the rest of your Google spreadsheets and in your Google Drive. The file is now sharable and viewable to anyone using Google Sheets.

Expand what you can do in Google Sheets!
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Google Sheets makes it easy to create data spreadsheets that can be used by a team of collaborators.