How to Freeze a Row or Column in Google Sheets

Keep your rows fixed to the top!
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In this guide, we'll show you how to freeze a row or column in Google Sheets.

What does it mean to "freeze a row" in Google Sheets?

Freezing a row in Google Sheets makes it so that the selected row (or rows) stays at the top of the page, as the user scrolls through the rows of data. This is most useful when you have many rows, but want to keep a header at the top. It's sometimes called sticking a row in Google Sheets.

Freezing a column in Google Sheets

We'll show you how to freeze a row in Google Sheet, and, as a bonus, we'll show you how to freeze a column, too. Freezing a column makes it so that your column will stay as a user scrolls across a spreadsheet.

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Highlight row Google Sheets

Once you've opened your Google Sheet, highlight a row or column by clicking on its corresponding number. (You can select multiple rows and columns by holding shift when you select the rows or columns.)

View and Freeze row or column
  • Go to View.
  • Select Freeze.
  • Choose Up to current row to select all rows up to the one chosen.

It's the same process for freezing columns. Just select Up to current column. By default, Google Sheets sets the frozen rows and columns to the top and left, respectively.

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Expand what you can do in Google Sheets!
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Google Sheets makes it easy to create data spreadsheets that can be used by a team of collaborators.