15 Boho Home Decorating Ideas to Transform Your Home

Use these 15 boho decor ideas to revamp your space!

Recently, I have been redecorating my apartment, and, as you have probably guessed by the title, I have been incorporating boho decor and design elements. Boho interior design melds together a variety of textures, colors, patterns, and even cultural influences. It's is commonly known for its use of natural colors like brown and ochre, natural materials like wicker and rattan, and its ode to different eras.

When redecorating my own home, I found what made it feel like a home was imperfection. A home should feel lived in, cozy, and inviting. Boho design is welcoming and warm. There aren't any limits to the amount of creativity or inventiveness that you can incorporate, but what I love most about bohemian design is that it embraces imperfection and has room for error. I also learned that there's a best time to buy furniture, putting my boho dreams within reach without breaking the bank.

If you love boho interior design as much as I do, check out these 15 ideas for integrating boho decor into your home!

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Rattan is a big boho go-to. Rattan chairs. Rattan coffee tables. Rattan daybeds. Rattan shelving. There is rattan furniture for every room in the house. It's timeless and comes in various natural wood tones.

While sometimes it can be a bit pricey, there is affordable rattan out there. Consider using Marketplace or going to consignments shops to find affordable rattan.

Boho rattan furniture

Rattan table
  • Rattan lamp pendant— Dramatic rattan lamp pendants make a huge statement. While bringing in tons of texture and natural tones, it's still functional and doesn't block out the lighting.
  • Rattan mirror—Rattan mirrors are affordable ways to bring rattan into your space and are popular in bohemian interior design.
  • Rattan night stand— Nightstands and coffee tables are the most common ways to introduce rattan into a space.
  • Rattan daybed—Daybeds like the one pictured are common with bohemian decor. They provide an alternative method of seating. are usually lower-level than average seating (also common to boho decor), and are great for naps.
Dream catchers

Each dream catcher is unique from one another. Art that brings cultural significance, color, and texture into your bohemian style home. Dream catchers could be in the form of mobiles, large and take up an entire feature wall, or small and delicate to place right above the bed. They can include anything from feather to dried flowers and driftwood to ribbon and crystals.

There is a dream catcher with every color and texture that you can dream up.

Boho dream catchers

Black dream catcher
  • Traditional dream catcher—A traditional dream catcher would work well in any boho home. I particularly like traditional dream catchers that introduce color and include tons of feathers. It is an opportunity to introduce color into your space even if you are choosing a more natural color palette.
  • LED dream catcher—Add a bit of ambiance and colorful lighting with an LED dream catcher or a dream catcher with fairy lights. They give off just the right amount of light and could even function as a night light.
  • Tree of life—Detailed tree of life dream catchers are beautiful, elaborate, and delicate. Some include beading or crystals while others come in neutral tones and don't include any other materials. Either way, they make a statement.
Boho Pillows

Whenever my best friend's kids come over, they go for my pillows. I have several on my bed, several on my couch, and a few spares put up in my closet. Pillows are comfortable and warm and inviting. They are always there when I need a nap or a bit of extra comfort. They make a home cozy and inviting, and they are an opportunity to introduce color, texture, and patterns relevant to boho design.

Boho pillows

Boho pillows
  • Velvet pillow covers— Velvet pillow covers bring in a bit of extra texture and can be found in a variety of colors and sizes.
  • Pompom pillow cover— Knitted pillow covers add in some texture and variety amongst your other pillows. Try to go for nontraditional colors, patterns, or muted colors to balance out your color scheme.
  • Abstract pillow cover—Get extra creative and add tons of color with abstract embroidered pillow covers.
Boho Living Room

Color is important in all interior design, but in boho design color standardly includes a vast variety of colors and color schemes. Natural tones like browns, greens, yellows, reds, and ochres and muted or worn colors are common to boho design. However, this isn't always the case.

Boho interior design can be customized to your color preferences. Make your home as colorful or as neutral as you want. Don't feel limited to neutrals if you don't enjoy them.

Decor in boho colors

  • Pompom pillow covers- Pillow covers with colorful pompoms add a playful splash of color while still lending to the boho design.
  • Moon phase tapestry- Tapestries can bring color, texture, and art into your boho home.
  • Faux leather pillow covers- If you do go for a more natural collar palette, pillow covers that come in leather or faux leather bring in rich, warm browns and can dress up your couch or bedding. On a budget? Learn the best time to buy bedding and linens and save big by purchasing at just the right time.
Macrame Bunting

Macrame, commonly used in boho design, is affordable and can be made to transform and elevate nearly anything. Macrame plant holders. Macrame wall hangings. Macrame letter holders. Macrame wind chimes. Macrame mirrors. Macrame chandeliers. Macrame everything!

The sky is truly the limit in terms of macrame decor. Consider macrame DIY projects or simply shop for whatever macrame your heart desires.


Macrame boho decor

  • Large macrame wall hanging—Large macrame wall hangings are perfect as a feature wall behind a bad or could be used in any room of the house to bring in some of the neutral tones common in boho design.
  • Boho moon dream catcher—Boho dream catchers in unique shapes and lighting add some ambiance in the form of fairy lights. Moon-shaped dream catchers make a unique night light.
  • Macrame shelving—Macrame shelving is a unique way to introduce macrame and goes hand-in-hand with boho design. Shelves can be art too!
Floor Pillows

Floor pillows can be tufted or come in fun, colorful patterns. They can be square or round. You can try ottomans or floor poofs or long, cushioned floor pillows meant for yoga and meditation. Have a variety or just a few that your animals can nap on throughout the day or that the kids can play video games on.

Whatever your preference, floor pillows provide that extra cozy, boho feel that makes any room more inviting.

Boho floor pillows

Floor pillows
  • Tufted floor pillow—Tufted floor pillows have a touch of glam if you prefer a more boho-glam design, but can be used in any boho space and are super comfortable. They tend to be affordable and come in several colors.
  • Mandala floor pillow—If you prefer a bit more color and texture, mandala floor pillows are just as comfortable while adding another pattern into your space.
  • Round mandala floor pillow- I like having a variety of floor pillows in different shapes and sizes. Round ones adds a little something and are ideal for meditating!
  • Braided floor poof—You can't go wrong with a braided floor poof. They are boho, work as a footrest, can be used for seating, and add much-needed texture to any room!
Layered Rugs

Layer rugs. Lay them at different angles. Try different textures and patterns. Layer them to make your bedroom or living room comfortable and colorful and welcoming. While layering rugs isn't what you might standardly see in most homes, it's an inventive way to decorate your space and introduce more texture.

Get creative and lay rugs in different ways. There are no rules to rug layering.

Boho rugs

Boho rug
  • Cotton rag tug- I have two cotton rag rugs and they are optimal for layering. They can easily be placed on top of a bigger rug, usually come multicolored so that they can match many other rugs, and you could have several throughout the home.
  • Medallion rug- Boho medallion rugs tend to be flat and colorful, or neutral if you chose, pairing them with another rug that includes one of those colors would be ideal for layering.
  • Moraccan rug- Moroccan rugs can be affordably priced and neutral, which makes it the perfect opportunity to layer up. However, if you prefer a bit of color, they can be found in a variety of colors.
Boho Couch

Bohemian interior design is a mixture of different textures, colors, patterns, and even cultures. The bedding is often stone-washed. Many elements are often hand-carved or hand-made, which adds to the character and involves a certain amount of imperfection. Boho decor doesn't have to be perfect or matchy-matchy. You can splurge and buy expensive boho decor or you can go to the local consignment shop and find a vintage, velvet chair and work it into the home somewhere. You can DIY. You can buy something made specifically for your home.

Whatever you do, don't get caught up in the idea of perfection. This isn't to say that boho designs can't be meticulous, tidy, and match perfectly, but it is to say that they don't have to.

Perfectly imperfect boho decor

Boho decor
  • Stonewashed sheets—I am a huge fan of stonewashed sheets and natural linen, and because natural materials and colors are a huge element of boho design, they make the perfect staple for a boho bedroom.
  • Handmade pillow cover—Handmade pillow covers are imperfectly perfect and would fit in gorgeously on any boho couch or bed.
  • Hanging eucalyptus—Artificial, or natural if you prefer, hanging eucalyptus decor is far from perfect. That's what makes it beautiful. Try wall decor that embraces the imperfection of nature.
Boho plants

Bring the outdoors indoors. Take advantage of vertical and horizontal space and put plants everywhere! Okay, you don't have to put them everywhere, but adding some plants to your boho home is a must. Not only are they beautiful, but they smell good and add even more texture and contrast

Put them on your shelves or nightstands. Buy a plant stand or two and fill your home full of life. Sit them on your windowsills. Watch them grow!

Boho plant ideas

  • Vines—Artificial vines work well for those who never inherited a green thumb, but they can also be used to wrap around windows, doorways, picture frames, and more. Very bohemian and easy to add to any room, vines are definitely an addition to consider.
  • Succulents—Succulents are easy to take care of if you aren't big on plants but want some that aren't artificial in your home.
  • Airplants—I love air plants because they don't require soil and can be put on walls like the ones pictured or can also be placed in terrariums and air plant holders.
  • Palm trees—These lively plants work perfectly in any corner or next to any desk. They can be bought in boho seagrass baskets or added to rusty, ceramic planters to fit your boho design.
Feature wall

Feature walls are a common part of bohemian design. Dark colors on a feature wall, it can warm up a room. A well-placed pattern can be used instead of a headboard or to add texture and color to a room that would otherwise be minimalist.

Since boho decor is all about contrast, feature walls are an efficient option to bring in more contrast from floor to ceiling than you would have otherwise. Consider adding a feature wall to liven things up a bit, this is another option to get creative and break some rules.

Boho feature wall ideas

Feature wall
  • Herringbone wallpaper-—Peel and stick wallpaper makes for a perfect feature wall in a bedroom. It comes off easily for apartment living and often comes at a very affordable price.
  • Paint—Go dark. Use deep evergreen, or black if you want to be even more daring, paint to create a feature wall behind your bed, desk, or couch. Dark feature walls can be very boho.
  • Gallery wall—Feature walls don't have to be permanent, and can even be changed regularly. Consider a gallery wall by using an assorted frameset. In lieu of a bedframe, above a couch, or in a hallway, a set could fit in any boho home.
  • Hanging wall baskets—Hanging wall baskets can function as a feature wall, adding to that wall texture, natural tones and textures, and dimension.
Geometric Wall art

Side tables, picture frames, wooden geometric art, garlands, shelving, and vases, anything you can put into a household is an opportunity to introduce different textures and tones. Wood and wood tones are a huge part of bohemian decor because wood is a natural material with a natural color scheme.

Wooden boho decor

Wooden shelf
  • Garlands—Wooden garlands are common in boho decor, because they are so versatile. Drape them on a piece of art or picture frame, use them in a DIY project, or drape them on top of your curtains.
  • Wooden serving tray—Serving trays can be practical display methods for candles and other doodads that might be sitting out on your coffee table, but can also be great for serving drinks like they are originally intended.
  • Accent table—An accent table is perfect for next to a couch, bed, or used as a coffee table. They are multipurpose, come in beautiful various browns, often have cultural influence, and when they are hand-carved, they come with a bit of added character to fit right into any boho home.
  • Blanket ladder—Blanket ladders like this one are often used in boho design. I love them because they are a unique way to introduce wood versus standard, wooden furniture. Blanket ladders also give you a place to display your beautiful knitted or woven blankets.
Lantern Lights

Lighting is an important part of any design aesthetic, but what I really enjoy about boho decor is the addition of string lighting. String lighting provides a relaxing, romantic ambiance that I enjoy when reading in bed or watching movies. I have astigmatism and trouble seeing in the dark, so when I want just a bit of lighting, these come in handy to provide me enough lighting to get around the room.

String lights bring in creativity and push the limits of traditional decor, which is what boho decor is all about. Take a peek at these 4 different bohemian lighting options.

Boho string lights

String lights
  • String light curtains— String light curtains are the perfect addition to any boho bedroom. Bringing in loads of ambiance and lighting, they can even be used behind a bed to create a feature wall in lieu of a headboard.
  • Fairy lights—Fairy lights are affordable, delicate lighting options. They can be wrapped abound doorways, windows, across ceilings and walls, and even wrapped around canopy beds.
  • Edison lights—Edison lights are very boho and work perfectly draped diagonally across the ceiling.
  • Lantern string lights—Lantern lights bring in lighting and texture since they are paper lanterns. They also look great draped across the ceiling.
Boho Art

Boho art can come in many forms. Print sets, mismatched DIY art, canvas art, mirrors, and more can all be used to enhance any boho space. What I enjoy about the approach to Boho art is that it can be very mix and match.

Frames don't necessarily have to match, but they can if you want them to. It can be minimal if you prefer a minimalistic approach, but it doesn't have to be. Make it what you want to make it. Here are 5 different types of bohemian art to kick it up a notch!

Boho art

Boho art
  • Print set—Boho print sets can be staggered in matching or miscolored frames above beds, couches, or in hallways. The colors within the print set can easily be used throughout the home to tie things together in the way of pillow covers, blankets, planters, or bedding.
  • Canvas art- Canvas art can come with or without a frame. Either way, it offers dimension and texture.
  • Pressed Flowers and foliage- Pressed flowers or foliage is a go-to decor for me, because I like to press flowers and frame them myself. However, if you would rather buy one, go for it.
  • Boho frames- Consider getting boho frames that you can put family photos into. Having a variety of art and photos is common in boho decor. Mix prints and photos. Mix pressed flowers and family photos. Don't set limits to what goes where.
  • Garlands- Moon phase wall garlands are extra boho and provide a different texture being metal.
Day bed

Part of what drew me to boho decor was the element of unconventionality. Mix and match seating. Have a bench by the front door to create a "mudroom" or station. Try a vintage lounge chair for reading or bedroom seating. Incorporate metal stools in the kitchen. Consider chairs that don't match your kitchen table or that are made from a different material. There is no limit. They don't all need to match. Seating can even be untraditional like macrame hammock chairs.

Eclectic seating options

Floor seating
  • Colorful couch— Futons can be affordable, fun, and multipurpose. They come in any color you can imagine fitting right into the boho-style design.
  • Neutral linen couch—If you want to forgo color and prefer more neutral colors, that's totally fine! In fact, neutrals are a huge part of the boho aesthetic. Go with what feels right to you.
  • Wood bench—Wood benches are great at the end of the bed, in a mudroom, or in a walk-in closet (to use while dressing).
  • Papasan chair—I adore a good Papasan chair, though I think my cat thinks mine is more hers. Not only do they incorporate wicker or rattan, which is very boho, but they are the ultimate lounge chair.
  • Accent chair—Accent chairs, especially chairs that aren't made from standard materials, are additions that bring in extra textures and patterns. I love a woven chair. Remember, low, laid-back style seating is a perfect addition to any room.
  • Floor sofa- Floor sofas are super boho, affordable, and comfortable while providing alternate methods of seating.
Boho baskets

I am sure there are boho homes that don't incorporate baskets, but I've never seen them. Baskets provide texture, patterns, neutral tones, natural materials, storage, sometimes include a pop of color, and are extremely multi-purpose. Maybe, instead of the everyday laundry basket, use a woven laundry basket. Baskets make boring things like storage decorative. Consider the same basket might work for blanket or toy storage. Remember, there are no rules.

Boho baskets

variety of baskets
  • Baskets with some fringe—I love baskets that come with tassels and fringe. Tassels and fringe are a big part of Bohemian decor. Baskets made from seagrass are common in boho decor and are generally affordable and easy to find. Consider baskets that come in sets with three different sizes and some baskets can even be used as planters.
  • Nesting storage baskets—Storage baskets are boho and cute, but they are also simple and practical. For closets, bathrooms, or shelving, storage baskets make storage cute while maintaining the boho style.
  • Hanging wall baskets—Hanging wall baskets are commonly used in boho decor, but I especially like them in the kitchen or hallways. They can also be used above couches, beds, or even in bathrooms if you have the necessary wall space.

Tell us about your favorite boho decorating ideas below!

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