How to Curve Text in Adobe Illustrator

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You can use any version of Adobe Illustrator to curve text. Sometimes tools move to different menus through various updates and new editions. If your edition isn't up to date, you may have to look for some effects and tools in a different location.

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Illustrator Blank Canvas

If you’re already working on a project and just need to curve some text, skip this step.

Start a new project in Adobe Illustrator. You can do this by clicking Create new... on the left side of the opening screen. This will give you a blank canvas.

Illustrator Text

If you haven't already, type the text you want to curve using the Text Tool. The icon looks like a capital T in the tool tray.

Illustrator Arc Effect Menu

To curve text, we'll use the Arc Effect. First, be sure to select the text you want to curve.

To reach the Arc Effect menu, go to Effect > Warp > Arc. You should see a pop up with a few sliders for adjusting the curve of your text.

Illustrator Curve Text

Use the sliders to create the desired curve effect on your text. Check the Preview box to see the curve adjustments in real-time. When the curve looks just right, click OK.

Save Illustrator File

When you've finished applying the curve to your text, you can save the image to its own file or continue working on your project.

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Drawing in Illustrator is a broad concept. There are so many tools available that you can use to create graphics, the best we can do is recommend a few basic ones to help you get started.