How to Change Page Size in InDesign

For when you're moving from portrait to landscape - and back - in InDesign.
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Whether you chose the wrong preset for your InDesign document or the project dictated that you change the page size, we can show you how to quickly and easily make the necessary changes.

It's just two steps!

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Image Outside of Page in InDesign

Simply click anywhere outside of the document elements using the selection tool.

Selection Tool InDesign

Or you can:

  • Go to Edit > Deselect All
Document Pane InDesign

On the right side of your InDesign screen, you should see the "Document" pane. From here you can:

  1. Change the document preset by using the drop-down arrow
  2. Change the page orientation by choosing portrait or landscape
  3. Manually adjust the page size
  4. Adjust your margins (if you're using them)

Check out our guide to change how InDesign displays your page measurements.

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