How to Wrap Text in InDesign

When you're looking to insert that sweet image into a block of text...
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Green Box Over Text

Drag the image or object where you would like it to appear in the text. Make sure the image/object is selected, not the text. (You can select multiple images/objects at once, if you wish.)

Text Wrap Window InDesign

Choose Window from top pane and select Text Wrap.

Wrap Around Object in Indesign

In the Text Wrap panel, choose this button to have the text wrap around an object.

Wrap around an object InDesign

Set the distance you want the text to be spaced from the image. ( A good standard distance is 0.25 inch.)

Text Wrapped around Green Box InDesign

Even if you move the object or image around, the text should remain wrapped around it at the distance you specified.

Drawing a triangle can be tricky for novice InDesign users.
Michael Michael (175)
2 minutes

It's not immediately clear how to draw a triangle in InDesign, nevermind a perfect or right triangle!