How to Change A Bluetooth Name on Your iPhone

Change your device's Bluetooth name in these five simple steps!
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When you have several Bluetooth products connected to your iPhone, such as speakers, headphones, keyboards, mice, and more, it can be confusing knowing what each product is in your Bluetooth settings. Since they are given a generic default name, telling them apart from one another, especially if you have several similar products connected (perhaps, more than one set of headphones or speakers), generic names might just result in connecting to the wrong Bluetooth device or disconnected the wrong Bluetooth Device.

To simplify your life and stay organized, consider naming your Bluetooth devices so that you never have to worry about any confusion again. In this guide, I show you how to rename your Bluetooth products in five quick taps on your iPhone, and I will add in an additional tip that will help make sure your audio levels are accurate to the Bluetooth device type.

Let's get started!

Note: the name of your iPhone when discoverable as a Bluetooth product is dependent on the iPhone's product name, which is changed in your iPhone's general settings. Check out my guide on how to change your iPhone name, to learn how to change that as well.

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How to Change A Product's Bluetooth Name on Your iPhone

To get to your Bluetooth settings, you first need to open the Settings app, of course!

How to Change A Product's Bluetooth Name on Your iPhone

In Settings, you need to click Bluetooth to get to your Bluetooth settings. Here, make sure Bluetooth is on and your product is connected. You can only change the name of connected products.

How to Change A Product's Bluetooth Name on Your iPhone

Here is where you can tap your products to rename them. In my case, I am trying to rename my laptop from the generic default name that it's given to "Christina's Laptop."

How to Change A Product's Bluetooth Name on Your iPhone

In order to rename the Bluetooth device, click the name. You'll notice it has the name and an arrow to the right of the name. Once the name has been changed, you'll know because the new Bluetooth name will be reflected here.

How to Change A Product's Bluetooth Name on Your iPhone

Once you click "name," the keyboard automatically pops up so that you can enter whatever Bluetooth name you choose. Here, I chose to name my Bluetooth device "Christina's Laptop." Once you are done, click done.

And that's it, your Bluetooth product has been renamed! If you want to take it one step further, and get super organized, select a device type in the next step. By giving your product a device type, you can actually improve the audio quality, because the audio levels will then match your product type.

How to Change A Product's Bluetooth Name on Your iPhone

After you've renamed your Bluetooth product and click done, you will be taken back to the Bluetooth settings. Here you can chose your device type to make sure the audio levels are specified to the device type. Here's how:

  1. Click "device type."
  2. Chose the closest option given.

In my case, my laptop fits best in the "other" category. Chose as closely as you can to make sure the audio levels match the product type.

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