Simplest Way to Find the Battery Charge Cycle Count on Your iPhone

Dayne Dayne (57)
2 minutes

This is the simplest way to see the health of your iPhone's battery. For a reminder, after 500 cycles, your battery is operating with roughly 80% of its full capacity*.

* According to this support article.

*And see our guide on how to get your Mac battery percentage back!

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Analytics and Improvements

Make sure Share iPhone Analytics is toggled on.

Tap the "Analytics Data" option.


Scroll down until you reach the last file that begins with log-aggregated.


Drag the cursor down to the bottom and hold your finger there, it will eventually scroll very quickly.

ios notes

Open the built-in Notes app and paste the contents of that file into it.

ios notes

Click the action icon in the top right and then select Find in Note.

ios battery cycle count

The number immediately following "BatteryCycleCount" is your cycle count!

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