How to Turn Siri Off (and On) on Your iPhone

You say "Hello, Siri." We say, "Goodbye, Siri."
Michael Michael (179)

Last night while trying to have a conversation on Zoom, I must have said something that made iPhone Siri want to jump into my conversation to make sure I was okay. It got pretty annoying.

So I looked for ways to deactivate Siri from my iPhone. I'm sorry Siri.

In this guide, I'll show you how to turn off (and on) Siri on your iPhone—or just adjust her most annoying settings.

Note: By turning off Siri on your iPhone (completely), you may lose access to certain voice-only features like changing the volume on your AirPods Pro with Siri.

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iPhone Settings

Select your Settings app on your iPhone.

Siri & Search iPhone

Scroll down your iPhone's Settings, until you see Siri & Search. Select it.

Siri Settings iPhone

In this menu, you can turn off Siri by toggling off all of the buttons, or you can toggle on and off the individual Siri features that are giving you trouble.

Here's what each one means:

  1. This command allows you to verbally say "Hey Siri" to activate Siri. Siri will then respond to the next set of commands your speak after that.
  2. This allows you to press and hold the right button of your iPhone to activate Siri.
  3. This feature allows you to activate Siri even when your phone is locked.

I recommend you deactivate #3. This will make it so that Siri will not just turn on randomly when you're not using your phone. I like keeping on #1 because I use my phone when running, and I can use Siri to adjust the volume of my AirPods.

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