How to Check Your Ubuntu Version

Confirm your edition with a simple command.
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So you've got a machine running Ubuntu. If it's been a while since you set up Ubuntu (or maybe you're just curious), you probably need to check what version you're running. This can be a useful tool for deciding whether or not it's time to update Ubuntu or just determining whether or not specific software is compatible.

Note: If you're not using Ubuntu, visit this guide to check your Linux version (and distribution).

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To check your version of Ubuntu, open a Terminal window. You can use the app icon or launch it using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + T.

In the Terminal window, enter the following line:

lsb_release -a command

Press Enter or Return. Your Ubuntu version number will be listed on the Description line.

If you're using a version more recent than 16.04, the following command will also provide your version number in Terminal:


Users who make use of the GNOME desktop environment can find the current version listed under Settings. Choose the Details tab to confirm the exact version number.

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If you've got a Raspberry Pi, you may want an Ubuntu desktop. Ubuntu is a classic open-source Linux OS, and it seems to run on just about everything.