How to Enable the OctoPrint Dark Theme

Will somebody please think of the eyes!
Zach Zach (249)
5 minutes

Like dark themes? Me too! This short guide will show you how to add a dark theme to your OctoPrint (or OctoPi) interface.


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Installing Themeify

Themeify is one of the most popular OctoPrint plugins.

Open OctoPrint Settings by clicking on the wrench icon.

Then, select Plugin Manager and click Get More....

Finally, search for and install Themeify. When prompted, restart OctoPrint.

Setting the OctoPrint dark theme

Open Settings once more and select Themeify from the sidebar.

Make sure Enable theme is checked and select Discorded or Nighttime from the Theme dropdown.

Click Save. You're done!

Remotely control your Ender 3 V2 with OctoPrint.
Michael Michael (175)
45 minutes

While making this guide I ran into many Ender 3 V2-specific bumps and stops, and I've worked through them all so you don't have to spend the time.