Converting XML files to JSON is a good practice for providing easy manipulation and preparing service responses. You can accomplish this efficiently with just three lines of code.
In this guide I'm going to describe how to get started with PHP and MySQL.
Enabling short open tags gives you access to opening your PHP script with <? rather than the full <?php and also includes <?= '...' ?> as a replacement for <?php echo '...'; ?>.
This guide will show you how to install the PHP mycrypt module on RHEL 6.
If you don't want to change php.ini and display all errors on every page, you can use ini_set on a page by page basis.
Printing an array in PHP is one of the most basic and necessary functions. Here are a few tricks and tools to make it easier.
If you're programming with PHP at some point you will need to know which version you are using.
If you're using PHP for web developoment, you may often want to check the syntax of your file without opening it in a browser. Checking syntax is quite easy from the command line.
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