Secure Your Sensitive Data with Kubernetes Secrets

Kubernetes secrets are objects that store and manage sensitive data inside your Kubernetes

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Class Vs. Instance Variables in Python 3

When learning object oriented programming in Python, there can be a few gotchas when it comes to dis

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VS Code: How to Move Search from the Sidebar to the Bottom Panel

This short guide will show you how to move the search box in Visual Studio Code from the sidebar to

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How to animate scroll in jQuery

In this guide, I’ll provide sample code for animating scroll in jQuery, and for those looking

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How to Pretty Print JSON in Chrome Developer Console

This short guide will show you how to pretty print a JSON object in the Chrome Developer Tools conso

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Python time.sleep() – How to Make a Time Delay in Python

Learn how to use Python’s sleep function to make a timed delay. tl;dr 1 – Import the tim

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How to Check Your Python Version

It’s good to know what version of Python you’re running. Sometimes you may need a specif

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How to Install pip on Mac, Windows, and Linux

The Python standard library includes a great set of modules, but many projects will require the use

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Nested defaultdicts in Python

While this requirement may seem rare, learning how to nest defaultdicts properly in P

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Learn the slow (and fast) way to append elements to the DOM

jQuery is a powerful tool for front-end developers, but it does not alleviate the responsibility of

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How to check PHP syntax using the command line

If you’re using PHP for web development, you may often want to check the syntax of your file w

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