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How to Pretty Print JSON in Chrome Developer Console

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September 14, 2023
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This short guide will show you how to pretty print a JSON object in the Chrome Developer Tools console.

1 – Output your object as a string

Wrap your object in JSON.stringify and log it to the console:

const currentlyDrinking = {
    beer: 'Yeungling',
    container: 'bottle',
    empty: true


This will result in the following minified object:


Not exactly pretty yet, so we’ll need to format it. This is especially important for larger objects.

2 – Format the pretty-printed output

To format our object, we’ll need to specify the number of spaces we’d like:

const currentlyDrinking = {
    beer: 'Yeungling',
    container: 'bottle',
    empty: true

console.log(JSON.stringify(currentlyDrinking, undefined, 4)); // use 4-space tabs to format and indent the code

This results in:

    "beer": "Yeungling",
    "container": "bottle",
    "empty": true

Much better!

3 – More formatting options

For more Chrome Developer console object pretty-printing options, check out the JSON.stringify() MDN docs.


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