Work from Home Essentials
Here's what you need to make working from home feel just right.
Google Default Profile
Changing your default Google account could save you major time in the long run!
Breakout Rooms in Zoom
Lots of meeting participants? No problem!
Change Name on Zoom
Change your name permanently or at select meetings.
How to Share Your Screen in Zoom
When you want to share that important project or presentation in Zoom.
How to Share Your Audio on Zoom
A hidden feature in Zoom is the ability to share your desktop audio to participants.
How to Work Remotely in Different Country
With many countries giving out new remote work visas, it's never been more possible!
Change the background Zoom
Change the background behind you when using Zoom.
Windows 10 Remote Desktop
Make the most of your Windows 10 Remote Desktop session.
Chrome Remote Desktop
Remote into your computer from anywhere!
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