Second Player Can Control the Duck in NES' Duck Hunt

You don't have to take turns anymore!
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Those born in the ‘80s and ‘90s fondly remember the NES hit Duck Hunt. Hours spent in front of the TV, virtually blasting the screen with the NES Zapper light gun, hoping to get the high score.

Many siblings and friends have had to take turns just to play Duck Hunt. However, there is a way for two people to play Duck Hunt at the same time!

That’s right! Two players. Same time.

Take note that this only works for Duck Hunt’s Game A, not any other game mode. The second player will be able to control the duck’s flight pattern using the control pad.

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For those who already have the original NES two-player pack, there’s nothing extra or special that you need to buy! Also, this is something that’s already built into the original NES game. All you’ll need is the 2nd NES controller and a friend.

Keep in mind that the light gun won’t work with modern televisions, only old CRTs. In order to use the light gun on a newer TV, you’ll have to buy or create a clone gun.

Brad Smith made a video explaining the issues and a few solutions you could try:

Watch the video:

nes manual duck hunt

In order to play Duck Hunt with a second player, plug in the second NES controller.

  • Choose the Game A game mode.
  • Using the control pad on a second controller, the second player can control the duck’s flight pattern!

That’s it!

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