How to Set Up Recurring Reminders in Slack

Set up recurring Slack notifications in minutes (without an app).
Zach Zach (248)
2 minutes

This short guide will teach you how to set up recurring reminders in Slack, sending a notification to you or your team every week, month, 13th, or whatever interval you choose.

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Open the channel where you'd like the reminder to occur. You can post reminders for yourself or your team in any channel/room or in a direct message.

You can use the familiar Slack remind command to remind yourself or a channel of a recurring event:

Remind yourself monthly

/remind me to turn in my expense reports on the 25th of every month

Remind yourself daily

/remind me "Go to lunch" at 11:45 each day

Remind your team weekly

/remind @channel "🚨Howchoo meeting tomorrow at 9am!🚨" at 9PM each Wednesday

Remind your team daily

/remind #general "Listen, are you gonna have those TPS reports for us this afternoon?" at 8am every day

Other intervals

Try out different intervals using the same pattern as above.

You can view a full list of your recurring Slack reminders, as well as manage them, using the /remind list command.

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