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How to Set Up Recurring Reminders in Slack

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September 14, 2023
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This short guide will teach you how to set up recurring reminders in Slack, sending a notification to you or your team every week, month, 13th, or whatever interval you choose.

1 – Open the channel you’d like to post in

Open the channel where you’d like the reminder to occur. You can post reminders for yourself or your team in any channel/room or in a direct message.

2 – Use the /remind command

You can use the familiar Slack remind command to remind yourself or a channel of a recurring event:

Remind yourself monthly

/remind me to turn in my expense reports on the 25th of every month

Remind yourself daily

/remind me "Go to lunch" at 11:45 each day

Remind your team weekly

/remind @channel "🚨Howchoo meeting tomorrow at 9am!🚨" at 9PM each Wednesday

Remind your team daily

/remind #general "Listen, are you gonna have those TPS reports for us this afternoon?" at 8am every day

Other intervals

Try out different intervals using the same pattern as above.

🛈 You can test your message formatting without spamming channels by direct-messaging yourself in Slack.

3 – Viewing existing reminders

You can view a full list of your recurring Slack reminders, as well as manage them, using the /remind list command.

How to View a Full List of Existing Reminders in Slack
Find a list of all the reminders you’ve already set.


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