Top 10 Moments of Witcher Season Two

Another incredible season for Witcher fans!
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Just in time for the holidays, The Witcher returned with another spectacular season! While the first season was filled with fantastic moments and character development, the second season had even more growth (and plenty more sass).

There were a lot of pivotal and fantastical moments throughout the latest season. From exes forming bonds to magical feats to breakup songs belt out in the tavern, The Witcher crew succeeded in bringing to life the world and characters we all know and love.


The witcher Geralt, a mutated monster hunter, struggles to find his place in a world in which people often prove more wicked than beasts.

The Witcher isn’t just for fans of the video games or books, it’s written so that anyone interested in fantasy action can follow along with the story, and it’s world. Regardless if you’re Team Triss or Team Yenn, The Witcher brings to life the Continent in all its glory.

As we’re riding off the high of binging the entire second season, here’s our top 10 moments from The Witcher season two! And don’t worry, a third season has already been confirmed by Netflix!

Keep in mind there will be spoilers, so if you haven’t watched the whole season yet, do that first. For those who have, how do these top 10 moments rank against your own?

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Even though he meets an unfortunate end, Dermain was an incredible character to see. His flirtation with Yenn and sass with all others, matched with the delight to see representation of “otherness” in a mainstream show. Granted, it was short-lived, but it was good to see anyway. In the middle of the season he showed that there is more to the elves than strife and struggle, there is hope.

There’s been plenty of fighting in The Witcher, we won’t deny that. However, the fight scene at the Temple of Melitele was special. The combat choreography was graceful and the brief slow motion moments added an extra visual element. Though, we do have questions about the guy who decided to bring a trident.

This beautiful moment showcases so much character development. Yenn and Tissaia from the first season would probably laugh if you showed them what they’re like in the second. While previous to this moment, Tissaia had been visibly struggling with Yenn’s loss, it was amazing to see her reaction to Yenn’s dramatic return.

As a lover of the Witcher franchise, this was a show secret I had already known. Still, the reveal was absolutely remarkable! The slow turn. The reveal of his dastardly deed. The look on Cahir and Fringilla’s faces! The cast and crew did an impressive job at showcasing a main character that had been mysterious up until this point.

It’s one thing to read about Kaer Morhen or to see a video game version. Seeing Kaer Morhen brought to life in a show was breathtaking. Even the little details were included, like the pendulum near the courtyard. From the moment Ciri and Geralt enter Kaer Morhen’s gate, it feels like coming home.

Just look at how well they translated the game version:

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Literally every moment he was on screen was spectacular. Out of all the characters, Jaskier serves the audience well to be the one that’s most relatable. He’s not magical or physically powerful, he represents the humanity in all things Witcher. Throw in his speech with the line, “And sooner or later, they will come for everyone.” Jaskier is just the best.

While Yennefer does save herself often in The Witcher series, this moment is pivotal to her character. Not only is she stopping a cycle of “justified” murder, but she’s choosing to not go along with political agendas. She’s showing the Brotherhood and northern royalty that she isn’t a pawn in their game. After all, she was doomed to either be subdued forever or to eventually be made an example for why to fear sorceresses. Rather than give in, she continues on to fight even if she has no magic.

We could watch this scene over and over.

The Witcher franchise is known for its family dynamics, but this season two scene raises it an entire level. Even though Yenn and Geralt don’t have a healthy relationship and have a lot of trust issues, they still want to protect and help Ciri. Putting aside their issues for the sake of their “daughter” is the true meaning of loyalty and love.

Finally, we got to see the Wild Hunt! Reminiscent of the horsemen of the apocalypse, this group is not to be trifled with. Their mysteries and goals are still unfolding, but to be able to put a face (or set of armor) to the hidden villains of the series was satisfying. In fact, the whole scene where they’re approaching Ciri, Geralt, and Yennefer left us wanting more.

Geralt’s protective nature for Ciri was incredible the entire season. However, it was this moment in episode 7 that really solidified his fatherly inclinations. Not even his true love, Yennefer, could stop him from protecting his baby girl! Was it this moment that Yenn realized even a wish can’t stop Geralt’s love for Ciri?

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