How to Change Your TP-Link WiFi Password

Secure your TP-Link WiFi with a new network key.
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Changing your TP-Link WiFi password is an easy way to keep your network secure. It’s much harder to hack a network with a changing key—especially with secure password parameters like numbers and special characters. All you need to update your WiFi password is to find your current WiFi password and have a computer hard-wired to your TP-Link router.

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TP-Link provides support to several different router models. Each of them have a unique web interface and set of instructions. Check the table to find your current router model.

Device Models
11N wireless Nano router TL-WR702N, TL-WR802N
11AC wireless router & AP Archer C3200
11N wireless router & AP TL-WR740N, TL-WA701ND
11G wireless router TL-WR340G
Wireless G AP TL-WA501G
Trendchip modem TD-W8901G, TD-W8951ND, TD-W8961ND
Broadcom TD-W8960N

TP-Link provides a complete set of instructions on how to change your WiFi password for each of the models listed above. Open a browser window and navigate to this TP-Link support page.

It will be easier to find the steps you need if you copy your router model from the table above. Open the TP-Link support page, and search for the model using ctrl + F for Windows or cmd + F for macOS users.

Once you've located the section for your device model, read through and complete the WiFi password reset process. If you have any issues during the reset process, contact TP-Link customer support.

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Takes little-to-no time and keeps your network secure!
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Changing your WiFi password is a simple and effective network security measure. It's a lot harder to hack into a network with a password that is random and secure.