How to Log in to a TP-Link Router

Log in to and secure your TP-Link router.
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Total time: 5 minutes 

If you're a TP-Link customer, you need to access your router. This guide covers everything you need from first time access to forgotten passwords. I’ll walk you through how to log in to your router and set up a custom password.

Here's everything you'll need to complete this guide:

TP-Link routerTP-Link router×1
Computer, tablet, or mobile device×1

First you’ll need to connect to your TP-Link network. You can connect using Wifi or an Ethernet cable. It’s okay if you don’t have internet access.

To access the router login screen, open a browser and connect using one of these three URLs. Try each of them to see which one brings up the login screen for you.

Enter your username and password on the login screen. If this is your first time, you will need to use the default credentials:

username: admin
password: admin

Once you’re logged into the router, you can change the admin password under Management > Access Control > Password.

Congratulations! You're logged in and ready to go.

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