How to Delete Your Tumblr Account (2022)

Saying goodbye to Tumblr?
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Tumblr remains a popular option for those seeking a weirder and more aesthetic social media experience than can be found on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, but the last few years have also seen the social media platform take a heavy beating as its user numbers plummeted. Not only did Tumblr’s 2018 poorly handled (and poorly automated) ban of “adult content” cause friction with the eclectic userbase, a number of serious privacy breaches have caused users of the platform increasing concern. Despite Tumblr’s acquisition by COMPANY NAME and the possibility of a brighter future for the platform, many are fleeing the service in search of calmer climes.

Whether you’re looking to delete your whole account once and for all, ditch an old account you no longer want to keep active, or delete a secondary Tumblr blog that is no longer needed, we at Howchoo have you covered!

You may also wish to download your private information under the GDPR privacy laws before your delete your account.

Be aware that once you delete your Tumblr account, your username and Tumblr URL will be returned to the “open” pool of names and URLs, meaning that you might not find it available should you decide to sign up again later and desire to use your old information.

You may also wish to download your private information under the GDPR privacy laws before your delete your account. Note that receiving your private information can take up to 30 days.

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Privacy info
  • Navigate to Privacy Settings in your account and select “Download Your Data."
  • Click on “Request Privacy Data."
  • The system will update and provide you with an ETA for your privacy request.
  • Return to the privacy settings when your download is ready.
  • You will be able to click “Download” and save your privacy information locally.
Log into Tumblr
  • Navigate to Tumblr using a computer.

You cannot permanently delete your main account using the Tumblr app for iOS or Android (though you can delete your secondary blogs from the apps).

  • Using your preferred web browser, navigate to Tumblr and log in.
account settings
  • The account button looks like the outline of a person’s head and torso.
  • Once there, click on “Settings.”
Account settings delete

Once in settings, look to the bottom of the settings page. There will be a button that says “Delete account." Click on it and you will be taken to a confirmation page.


Once you pass this step your blog cannot be recovered! Make sure that you have your information from Tumblr saved before passing this step.

  • Enter your login information to complete the deletion of your account.
secondary blogs

The process to delete a secondary blog is nearly identical to deleting the primary blog.

For PC/Mac/Linux

  1. Under settings, look at the right side of the screen under “Blogs” if you have more than one blog they will all be listed there. Your primary blog will have a little star next to it. If you delete your primary blog all secondary blogs attached to it will also be deleted.
  2. Click on the name of the secondary blog you wish to delete. This will switch the settings screen to the settings for that blog.
  3. The button at the bottom will now read “Delete name-of-your-blog”. Click on it to delete!

iOS users

If you are using iOS, just swipe left to bring up the settings and then tap “Delete."

Android users

If you are using Android, click on the gear icon and then tap “Delete."

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