How to Change the Font on Your Twitter

Ever wondered how someone changed the font on their profile or bio? I did for years!
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For years I noticed certain Twitter profiles would use these super interesting fonts that weren't available to me. How did they get that font?

It turns out, like most things, the answer was much simpler than I thought. You simply add a keyboard to your iPhone.

With one simple tool, you can choose to change your Twitter name or bio font - and you can even mix different fonts in one box!

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Fonts for Twitter Lingojam

Head over to Lingojam's Twitter fonts tool .

This is nearly the same converter we described in our guide on changing your Instagram font.

Michael at font Twitter profile Lingojam text

You can choose to copy and paste an entire section into the box, if you only want to use one of the new fonts.

If you'd like to use multiple fonts, however, then you'll need to do this in stages like I did to achieve the Twitter profile name at the beginning of the guide. (Simply repeat step 2, step 3 and step 4 for each portion of the text in a new font.)

Highlighted font in Lingojam Twitter

Highlight the font you want to use and copy the text.

Pasted custom font into Twitter profile

Paste the highlighted text into your Twitter profile or bio. It should appear as the new font.

Michael at howchoo twitter profile with new font

In order to achieve the kind of effect you see here, you'll need to copy and paste your Twitter profile fonts in stages.

Michael at Howchoo Twitter profile with new font

Check to make sure the changed profile fonts appear the way you intended!

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Suppose you want to incorporate tweeting into an app you're building on your Raspberry Pi.

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