How to Cancel Xbox Game Pass

Ending your membership with Microsoft.
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For a monthly fee, Xbox Game Pass grants you access to a library of games. If you're looking to cancel your subscription—we're not here to judge. You can easily cancel the service through your Microsoft account settings under Services and Subscriptions.

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Microsoft Live Login Page

In a browser window, log in to your Microsoft account and access your account settings.

Microsoft Services & Subscriptions

Navigate to Services & Subscriptions. This page has a complete list of available services for your Microsoft Account.

Cancel Xbox Game Pass

Look for Xbox Game Pass in the list and choose Manage.

Xbox Game Pass cancellation confirmation

Select Cancel to end the subscription. A pop-up window will ask you when you want to end your subscription. After you make a selection, click Next and Confirm Cancellation.

Xbox Game Pass

If you choose to restart your Xbox Game Pass subscription, visit the Xbox Game Pass webpage for a current pricing guide.

Looking for a free pass game pass?
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Xbox Game Pass lets you access over 100 popular titles on both the Xbox One console and PC. It works just like a movie streaming platform but with video games.