How to Gameshare on the Xbox One

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Gamesharing on the Xbox One lets you share all of your games and even Xbox Live subscription with anyone who uses the same console.

How does game sharing work on the Xbox One?

By setting your Xbox as Home Console, players using the same Xbox One can play your games and use any active Xbox Live subscription on your account—even if you're not signed in. This setting also lets you share games from subscription downloads.

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Log in to your Xbox account on the console you want to enable game sharing with.

Open Settings and choose Personalization. The Home Console setting is under My home Xbox.

  • To enable game sharing, select Make this my home Xbox.
  • To disable game sharing, select Remove this as my home Xbox.

Log out of your Xbox Live account.

Now that you've logged out, it's time to test the new setting. Try to access one of your games using a different Xbox account.

If it doesn't work, go back into your original account and make sure the setting saved. You can only switch your home console 5 times within a 12 month period.

Congratulations! Your Xbox One games are now accessible to anyone else using the same console.

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