10 Awesome 3D Printed Cat Toys & Accessories You Can Make

The most essential (and non essential) 3D printed cat accessories!
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Cat owners know just how finicky their feline companions tend to be. Cats have minds of their own. Ever find your cat lounging on your counter and have no idea how to get the cat off of the counter?! Yeah, we've all been there. They also make it hard to do even basic things like trim their nails or give them a bath. Cats love certain toys and hate other toys for no reason at all.

And have you ever bought your precious kitty a great new toy, only to find that they couldn't care less about it?! That's where this guide comes in to save the day.

Instead of spending money on toys and accessories at a pet store, why not 3D print some? We've found some really essential and really unessential 3D printed cat goodies that will excite you. And if you're into DIY, crafting, and making then you already know the joy that seeing someone enjoy your makes can bring!

Without further ado...ten of the handiest and/or most awesome 3D printed toys and accessories for cats and their owners!

Safety Warning

You absolutely must use high-strength ABS filament for any 3D prints that will be going into a cat's mouth. You definitely don't want your cat choking on a piece of plastic that breaks off.

ABS filament ×1

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Cat playing with 3D Printed ball

If you're a cat owner, then you know that cats don't really care if their toy is dazzling and expensive. Most of the time, they still prefer an old ball of yarn or a piece of string to anything fancy.

This 3D printed ball-within-a-ball toy, designed by Surveyor is just the kind of easy plaything that will keep your kitten or cat occupied for hours. And, best of all, it's easy to print multiples of these in case your cat destroys them too easily.

External support recommended as it doesn't have a flat base.

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3d printed cat feeder

Does your dog relentlessly eat your cat's food? Do you have to keep your cat's bowls behind closed doors when your dog is around? Then, this is what you'll want to 3D print.

It's a great design that gives your cats a little extra exercise and play along with their feeding. Essentially, the cats swipe at the food with their paws, which releases some of the kibbles. If your dog tries to overrun the feeder, it will not be able to do the same.

And check out the video from designer, ScottyMakesStuff:

Watch the video:

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3D Cat Armor

Okay. So, this may be the most unessential 3D print for a cat available—unless, of course, your cat has to bear the ring of power all the way to Mordor. But it is exactly this 3D printed cat armor's unessential quality that makes me want to include it in this list. The original was an absolutely phenomenal design from designer PrintThatThing, but they've since removed their design from their account. Luckily, user ArKay894 had already remixed it into a superior design!

This model features stronger connections, improved sizing, and the ability to even fit this to your small pooch if your cat decides that wearing armor is beneath its dignity (and you know it will).

Still, maybe you think that having your cat look awesome is essential. (I'm with you!) Then, try out this print. It looks like a lot of fun trying different color schemes when painting this one, too.

Oh, and if you do make this, you must let us know and tag us on Facebook or Twitter.

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And check out the original designer's YouTube video introducing the design!

Watch the video:

3D printed cat litter scooper

Not much to say about this one. Not much we'd really want to say about this 3D printed cat poop-scooper. You know what it does.

Designer, CreativeTools, brings us this cat owner must-have. As we know, poop-scoops don't last forever, so save yourself a few bucks and 3D print one for yourself.

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Automatic cat feeder

Makers, this one is for you! While certainly a more complicated overall design, it's also one of the coolest ways I've seen to feed your cat. Simply turn the augur to release some food.

In terms of modifications, while we like the classic box design of this, we could see you decorating the box with some paint. You could also take this up a notch by finding a new way to program the release of the food at intervals throughout the day.

Either way, have fun making this awesome augur-feeder that your cat will appreciate!

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3D printed cat litter box mat

If you haven't been using a litter box mat for your cat, then you've likely found bits of cat litter spread around the room and even the house. Often, when your cat uses the litter box, there's still some litter stuck to the bottom of their feet.

This 3D printed cat litter box mat will take care of that. When your cat comes out of the litter box, the treads on the mat will automatically work to remove any stuck on litter.

If you want the look of this one from designer TimCC, then be sure to use different colored filament for the different parts of the design when printing.

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3D printed cat toy race track

This design from Zippitybamba is clean, crafty, and cool—exactly the sort of toy to leave around for your furry friend to tackle at 3 a.m. (much to your delight).

Once it's been printed and assembled, you can just drop a standard ping-pong ball inside and watch your cats go crazy swiping at it.

You need supports for this print.

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Watch the video:

3d printed cat hair brush

I had a cat once who knew the exact time of the day that I usually brushed her. She would lay down next to her brush, ready for another session. Cat's love being brushed, and it's great for their coats too!

Designer, MiseryBot, notes that this brush is intended for short-medium haired cat and dogs. So if you have a long-haired breed, then this will likely not be enough to remove the fur.

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3D printed cat bowl

Use a food-safe filament for this.

If you're a true DIYer, then you'll appreciate having made your own cat bowl (even if your feline friend doesn't really notice). I love the simplicity of this design from kriegs and the cute little ears that pop out.

You may want to choose your favorite color filament for this 3D printed cat bowl. The design itself should be a fairly easy print, even for a novice.

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3d printed cat fishing rod toy

Designer, vjapolitzer, serves up a proper cat toy that combines simplicity with a little engineering. Behold the 3D printed fishing rod toy.

This is definitely a huge upgrade over those cheap plastic rods with a string attached. The reel is functional and is used to reel in the string and attached toy. You'll need your own string and little toy, of course, but everything else can be 3D printed.

You will need supports for the winder base of this design.

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Have we missed one of your favorite 3D printed cat toys or accessories? Let us know in the comments below. Who knows...maybe we'll add it to our list!

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