The Cutest Baby Yoda 3D Prints You Can Make

We's not really Baby Yoda.
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Yes. 3D print "The Child," you will...

Given the popularity of the Disney+ show, The Mandalorian, it's hardly a surprise that everyone's looking to 3D print their very own Baby Yoda. Even fellow Howchooer, Tyler, printed one in his review of the Prusa i3 3D printer.

Baby Yoda, aka "The Child," is definitely cute and makers have been designing some even cuter 3D models that anyone with a 3D printer can print.

So let the hardcore Star Wars fans debate whether it's actually "Baby Yoda" or "The Child," and choose one from our list of the cutest Baby Yodas that you can print today!

Planning on painting it when you're done?

That's awesome! Each of these prints can be 3D printed using any budget-level 3D printer. Just make sure you use a clear, white, or gray plastic filament, a little sandpaper, and acrylic paint on the finished product.

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Baby Yoda What You Seek 3D Print

The classic!

With more than 700 confirmed makes on Thingiverse, this Baby Yoda model has used the force to find its way into many hearts! Feel free to use the picture above when painting yours.

The full model, designed by MarVin_Miniatures, is about 8 inches in height, which might be a bit big for some—so we recommend scaling the model to 75% for a perfect little figurine sized Yoda.

You will need to use supports when you slice this print.

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Sad 3D Printed Baby Yoda


I had to put this one as my #2 for a personal reason. It reminds me of my Corgi and her droopy ears. This Baby Yoda design from Lewj might be a little too sad for some, but I just love it.

The designer notes that this was sculpted for a resin printer, but many have noted that the print turned out just fine when using extra-fine settings on an FDM printer.

You will need to use supports when you slice this print. And you should use a fine layer height.

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3D Baby Yoda in Pod

Watching the little pod move around with Baby Yoda inside was certainly one of the cooler things on The Mandalorian. You can 3D print this action shot, as well!

Designed by Multiverse3DDesigns, this Baby Yoda 3D includes a printable stand to allow the pod to sit upright on your desk or wherever you choose to keep it!

Some note that the stand needs a little tinkering in the slicing program to get it to sit perfectly flat on the printing bed. This build will require supports.

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Baby Yoda Xmas

The holidays are right around the corner, so we're featuring a Baby Yoda that's definitely going to see a lot of prints. And you're likely going to see a lot of Baby Yoda ornaments in stores this year, costing $20+.

Save some money and make it a fun DIY project to 3D print and paint your own Baby Yoda ornament.

Also...I wonder what Baby Yoda would give as a present?

This build will require supports. And you'll likely want some ornament hooks if you plan to hang this on the tree.

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Many face Baby Yoda 3D print

Choose a Baby Yoda head to suit your mood!

This design from Multiverse3DDesigns, prints in 9 parts and snaps easily together. And let's face it...sometimes we are feeling a little like the angry Baby Yoda head!

You will need to use supports for this build. And we recommend using a smaller than standard layer height to capture some of the detail.

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Mandalorian Baby Yoda 3D print

It was only a matter of time until someone slapped a Mandalorian helmet on Baby Yoda. Why not?!

We love the way designer doesntfearzeus made the ears to stick out from the helmet. And could this be a spoiler for the future of "The Child" on the show itself? Probably not, but it's fun to imagine!

You will need supports for this build.

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3D Printed Baby Yoda Rubik's Cube

Designer, RedKB, has come up with a really original take on the classic Baby Yoda 3D print. He made him into a Rubik's cube!

Check out his video on how to make the Rubik's cube!

Watch the video:

To make the core of this one, you'll need a 3x3 Rubik's cube. The rest can be 3D printed and glued together.

Props to a great design!

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Covid-19 Baby Yoda 3D Print

What a great gift this would make for a healthcare worker on the frontline, saving lives! Thanks, C_puszky for this one!

We're actually really impressed with the design of this masked Baby Yoda and the level of detail added to the virus and the facemask. This little Baby Yoda is certainly with the times. We can't wait to see more attempts to paint this little guy!

You will need to use supports with this build.

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Baby Yoda cookie cutter

We can smell them coming out of the oven!

This is a great, simple Baby Yoda cookie-cutter design that can easily be 3D printed. We also think that the designer, nattastrophe, did an excellent job capturing the overall cuteness of Baby Yoda. Must have used the force!

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