The Spookiest Halloween 3D Prints (2022)

Ookie spooky 3D printed goodies!
Ash Ash (362)

It's that time of the year again! The time when every maker, techie, and DIY-er tries to outdo the previous year's attempt at creating the scariest, spookiest, and most awe-inspiring Halloween 3D print project in the history of Thingiverse!

Buy a bag of candy, turn on your Raspberry Pi media center for some Halloween jams, and grab your filament. It's time to 3D print.

We've got you covered this Halloween with lots of spooky 3D-printable decorations, creepy toys, and really cool tech projects.

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3D printable jackolantern

As Dickens said, "Make them laugh, make them cry, make them wait." All of which you'll be doing with this pair of 3D printed jack-o-lanterns. (Dickens knew a thing or two about spooky ghost stories, right?)

Looking to decorate that empty place on the coffee table? This is the print for you! These adorable jack-o-lantern prints are here just in time for your miniature Halloween needs.

This is a very clean-looking 3D print that won't take a long time to make.

See the full build here.

Ghostbusters Ghost trap 3D print

Who you gonna call?...

Turns out Countspatula, if you're looking for one of the coolest Halloween 3D print designs we've come across yet! The trap even opens and releases purple smoke!

Best of all, almost everything can be 3D printed uses the provided design. While it's a project that will likely take you quite a while, it also might be one of the most rewarding when you see that trap open for the first time.

Just watch out for Slimer!

See the full build here.

Watch the video:

Pumpkin Megapod

Behold... Max the Megapod!

The Megapod is one of the coolest robot projects on Thingiverse for a couple of reasons:

  • Combines Arduino with kid-friendly Scratch programming for operation
  • Has optional smaller model if you're a novice maker or a kid
  • Kid-friendly throughout the design to allow kids to participate in the construction
  • It's just freaking awesome to watch!

This would be a great project to do throughout the month of October to have ready by Halloween. And Vorpal's new Megapod Pumpkin reskin is a festive addition to the project.

Watch the video:

See the full build here.

Spider pumpkin transformer

Spiders in disguise? You bet!

This pumpkin is more than meets the eye. The transformer design is really cute to look at and fun to play with.

Spider pumpkin transformer

It's easy to see why this has become one of the most popular Halloween 3D print designs on Thingiverse! Way to go, Megawillbot!

See the full build here.

What a cool homage to some classic horror movie characters! MVOLZ77 has made a great rotating lithophane that's sure to please anyone who grew up loving some of the horror movie classics.

This project really displays what's possible with a 3D printer and combines some mechanical elements as well—all of which can be found on the build page.

Watch the video:

3D-printed cauldrons

Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and caldron bubble.

Brewing up trouble? Contain it in one of these classic cauldrons! This simple 3D print design works well for storing candy, treats, keys, or anything else that fits. The designer, Tone001, includes a selection of cauldron designs to choose from.

See the full build here.

Bonus Halloween factoid: Maybe you knew that the above quote comes from Shakespeare's Macbeth, but did you know that Macbeth was one the first times a ghost (as we think of them now) appeared in a book or on stage? In fact, some credit the ghost in Macbeth for influencing how we think about ghosts today!

Animated 3D-printed crow

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I printed, weak and weary…

We could have also done a Hitchcock Birds quote there, but, either way, the crow is as classic an ill-omen as a broken mirror. In many classical mythologies, the crow serves as the representation of a murdered soul or a damned soul. Spooky, right?!

Thankfully, this little guy isn't quite so scary. A servo motor brings this guy to life as he looks around the room, swiveling his head back and forth.

If you want the joy of crow ownership without the hassle of electronic guts, you can find a non-animated version here.

See the full build here.

3D-printed geared pumpkin

For makers like us, it’s not a proper 3D printing list without at least one articulated gadget. This pumpkin prints in one go with gears that fit and rotate perfectly.

Watch it in action.

Watch the video:

It takes about 5 rotations to form the pumpkin back into shape.

See the full build here.

3D-printed Frankenstein light switch plate

If you've seen any of the countless Frankenstein films, then you'll remember Dr. Frankenstein's assistant, Igor, pushing these switch plates levers up and down to make the electricty flow. It's as if the kind of power that brought the creature to life could only be activated by one of these huge iron levers.

Now you have the power to give life to your creation! So why turn lights on with a measly switch when you could throw the lever! This functional print is guaranteed to brighten up the room.

See the full build here.

Double Barrel Candy Corn Launcher

Candy corn...either you love it or hate it! Either way, it's a verifiable Halloween classic treat. So why not incorporate it into your costume with the double barrel candy corn launcher that's sure to put the trick back in trick-or-treat.

Extra props to Dragonfly Fabrication of British Columbia for this being their first submitted design to Thingiverse. Looks like Halloween truly brings out the maker in all of us.

Disclaimer: Do not aim this at anyone's eye! Or at us!

See the full build here.

3D-printed Halloween cookie cutters

Be sure to use food-safe filament for this print.

The best part about any holiday is the food. Okay...maybe it's a close second after family and friends, depending on how you feel about your family and friends!

One thing's for sure—this is the tastiest project on this list! Make your favorite cookies and turn them into spooky Halloween shapes. OogiMe’s design includes both spider and bat-shaped cookie cutters.

See the full build here.

You'll get an extra bonus thumbs-up from us if you try either of our 3 ingredient cookies: peanut butter cookies or Nutella cookies, and share on Facebook!

Mini snap-together Minecraft jack-o-lantern

This would be the perfect Halloween project to do with kids or really anyone who's a fan of Minecraft. Honestly, they're rather cute!

These little guys snap together easily, though designer, scottrlindsey, recommends you use a little super glue to keep it from coming apart. The designs also include options for making the jack-o-lantern with or without the LED light or keychain.

See the full build here.

Articulated skeleton friends

I wonder what he's saying into her ear? Probably not much with a vocal chord!

They’re ookie spooky buddies, just in time for Halloween! What are they up to? You decide by posing their articulated bones into any position you want.

See the full build here.

Feel free to drop a comment below, and give us the funniest things you think the blue skeleton is saying to the pink skeleton!

3D-printed controllable eyeball

What’s that over there? No! Over there!

This is one has the downright weird quality that we're all about at howchoo. We also love the retro feel of this controllable eyeball that's controlled with a simple two dial system. A spooky creation for a spooky individual!

See the eyeball in action! Ewww!

Watch the video:

Seriously, this is one killer Halloween 3D Print!

See the full build here.

Ditch those latex masks for something much cooler this year!
Michael Michael (175)

Why we do wear masks at Halloween anyway? In its Gaelic and pagan roots, Halloween involved souling or costuming yourself in a disguise to keep evil spirits from seeing you.