Using Cura with the Geeetech E180 mini 3D printer

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The EasyPrint 3D from GeeeTech is slow, crashes, and -- if you're a Mac user like me -- can't even be used since there's no Mac version. However, you can use Cura, Repetier, or any other slicer using the Geeetech E180 print settings in this guide.

Geeetech E180 3D PrinterGeeetech E180 3D Printer ×1

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Geeetech E180 Machine Settings

First, we'll add the E180 as a custom printer. Navigate to Preferences > Printers > Add. Give the printer it a name (Geeetech E180), and use the following settings:

Printer Settings

X (Width): 130mm
Y (Depth): 130mm
Z (Height): 130mm
Build plate shape: Rectangular
Gcode flavor: Repetier

Printhead Settings

X min: 10mm
Y min: 10mm
X max: 0mm
Y max: 0mm
Gantry height: 999999mm
Number of extruders: 1

Geeetech E180 Material Settings (PLA)

Next, we'll import our material settings for printing PLA on the E180. Of course, this can be adjusted later on a per-print basis, but this will get you started. Navigate to Preferences > Materials > Import.

I uploaded the material settings to Github here. Import that file.

Geeetech E180 Print Profile

Finally, we'll create a print profile. Again, this will import the ideal print profile settings for the E180. Once imported, we can select this profile whenever we make prints on the E180 and then make tweaks on a per-print basis.

I uploaded the print profile settings to Github here. Navigate to Preferences > Profiles > Import and import this profile.

You're good to go! Now you can create gcode files for your Geeetech E180 using Cura, Repetier, Slic3r, or your other slicer of choice -- on either Mac or Windows!

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