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3 guides
3 guides
3 guides
How to patch a hole in a tire - tire string plug.
A flat or leaking tire can be a huge pain, but fortunately, it's often an easy fix. When we've got a flat tire, it's often because a nail or some other debris from the road has been lodged in the tire.
Changing the PCV valve on your Subaru XV Crosstrek (or Impreza) is part of your recommended 30,000 mile maintenance.
Disabling the Subaru XV Crosstrek lock sound
The audible chirp when my XV Crosstrek is locked or unlocked is quite annoying -- worse is when someone hasn't closed the door completely yet and it beeps 5 times.
Jump start your car like a pro and get back on the road!
before and after picture of headlights cleaned with toothpaste
Over time headlights develop a layer of oxidation that looks bad and reduces the effectiveness of your headlamps. Cleaning them and restoring them to their former glory is extremely easy.
The stock Subaru 5-speed shift knob is rubbery and terrible. I decided to drop $40 on eBay for an OEM weighted leather knob.
This guide shows you how to replace your window motor/regulator assembly should your window fall down and refuse to roll back up.
Scuff marks looks terrible and are difficult to remove. A normal wash and wax won't take care of most scuff marks.
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