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How to Disable the Lock/Unlock Sound on Your Subaru XV Crosstrek and Impreza

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August 18, 2023
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The audible chirp when my XV Crosstrek is locked or unlocked is quite annoying — worse is when someone hasn’t closed the door completely yet and it beeps 5 times. Here’s a simple (and completely reversible) way to disable your Crosstrek’s lock/unlock sound. This guide also works for other Subarus (including the Outback) of the model year 2013+.

Note: You can still make your car “chirp” (though it uses the horn) by pressing the button on your remote three times. This is handy if you want to locate your car in a parking lot, for example.

1 – Sit in the driver’s seat

Keep the key out of the ignition and make sure all doors are closed.

2 – Hold the unlock button

On the driver’s side door, hold down the unlock button.

3 – Insert and remove the key from the ignition at least 6 times

Do this while continuing to hold the unlock button.

🛈 This must be done inside of a 10 second window from when you began holding the unlock key.

4 – Open and close the driver’s door

Do this while continuing to hold the unlock button.

🛈 This must be done inside of a 10 second window from when you inserted and removed the key 6+ times.

5 – Get confirmation

After you close your door, your hazard lights on the dashboard will flash three times if this process was completely successfully. If you did not see this confirmation, repeat this process again.

🛈 There have been reports from numerous Subaru XV forums that it can take multiple times to get this to work.

6 – Reenabling the audible lock/unlock chirp

To turn the lock/unlock beep back on, simply repeat this process again to reverse the setting.

You’re all done! Next, learn how to replace your XV Crosstrek’s in-cabin air filter!

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🛈 More information on this process can be found in your owner’s manual.

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