How to Delete All Google Chrome Saved Passwords at Once

Don't want to delete your passwords one at a time? No problem.
Zach Zach (249)
2 minutes

This guide will show you how to batch-delete all stored passwords from Google Chrome all at one time. This is especially useful if you've switched to a service such as LastPass and no longer wish to use Google's password-saving feature.

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Google Chrome More Tools Clear Browsing Data menu

In Chrome on your desktop computer, click either the ⋮ triple-dot (Mac) or More (Windows) menu item in the top right.

Then, select More Tools > Clear Browsing Data.

Clear browsing data pane in Google Chrome

Select the Advanced tab and change the Time range dropdown to All time.

Clear all passwords in Google Chrome

Uncheck all checkboxes and then check Passwords and other sign-in data. Finally, click the Clear data button.

The Clear browsing data window will close automatically. You're all done!

Don't lose all the work you've tabbed!
Britt Britt (156)
2 minutes

Being able to create tab groups in Google Chrome is great, but being able to save them for the next time you open Chrome is even better.