What is the best font to use for a resume?

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Michael Michael (175)

The short answer to this question: the best font to use on a resume is any font that is easy on the eyes and readable. This may include both serif fonts and sans serif fonts.

Resumes with sans serif fonts

Most contemporary resumes use sans serif fonts, such as Arial or Futura, for a couple of reasons:

  • They create a more stylized look and are generally more readable on a computer screen;
  • They give a sense of space, which can be interpreted as confidence on a page;
  • They tend to work better with newer, more stylized resume formats.

Resumes with serif fonts

Still, a tried-and-true resume in a standard serif font, such as Times New Roman or Garamond, is never a bad way to go:

  • Serif fonts are easily readable and propel the eye through the text;
  • Some managers might not care for a highly stylized resume;
  • The Harvard Office of Career Services uses serif-based resume templates for their students (and they can't be that wrong!).

In the end, the most important aspect to your resume is the actual content you include, not necessarily its font.