The 50 Rarest Video Games of All Time (And How Much They're Worth)

Check your closet, basement, or attic for one of these rare games!
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Retro video gaming has seen a massive resurgence in recent years, with video game values following suit. Even common Nintendo 64 games like Super Smash Bros. fetch upwards of $70 for a cartridge in average quality. This is a stark contrast from just a decade ago, where such games could be had for just a few dollars.

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Thank you Mario, but our Princess is in another castle!

On the other end of the spectrum, some games are so rare that they've consistently demanded thousands of dollars for the better part of a decade.

That old pile of SNES games in your closet, basement, or attic might have a few hidden gems. Want to see what your collection is worth? Look for some of these titles. These are the games worth drooling over.

So grab your wallet and buckle up—these are the 50 rarest video games of all time. And check out our other lists of the highest-grossing video games and the best video game from the year you were born!

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SD Gundam Dimension Wars

Console:* Virtual Boy

Gundam was huge in the 90s but the Virtual Boy—not so much. SD Gundam Dimension Wars is a 1995 tactical RPG created by Bandai for the Virtual Boy. As cool as that crossover sounds, there just weren't that many copies made. This rare title has sold for as much as $950.

The gameplay is straightforward enough, players must work their way through an oncoming attack from robots and ships. Take down the bad guys without losing in the process.

Ginga Fukei Densetsu Sapphire

Console: PC Engine

One of the rarest PC Engine games of all time is Ginga Fukei Densetsu Sapphire. It's a shoot 'em up game created by CAProduction and published by Hudson Soft who released the game in 1995. This was around the time that PC Engine games were starting to phase out of mainstream gaming.

There weren't many copies of this game produced, making it one of the rarest titles of its time. A copy is currently listed on eBay for $970.

Poop Slinger

Console: PS4

The rarest title for the PlayStation 4 is called Poop Slinger. The gameplay is exactly what it sounds like, so we won't go much further than that. Copies of this game have sold for up to $1,048.

The game was developed by a one-man company called Limited Rare. The idea behind limited-run titles is to sell as many copies as possible in one day. These titles are usually sought after by collectors but on April 1st, 2019, no one knew whether or not to take the offer seriously. Many users suspected the game was a joke or hoax and dismissed it entirely. Only 84 copies were sold, bankrupting Limited Rare in the process.

Conker’s Bad Fur Day

Console: Nintendo 64

This Rare title is living up to its name as one of the rarest Nintendo 64 titles. Conker's Bad Fur Day was published and released by Rare back in 2001. Today, quality copies have sold for as much as $1099.

Players control a foul-mouthed, talking squirrel named Conker. Gameplay consists of different elements from puzzle completion to racing. This game is a well-known classic despite its notable rarity.

Shinrei Jusatsushi Tarōmaru

Console: Sega Saturn

This rare side-scrolling action game for the Sega Saturn has sold for as much as $1250. It was developed and published by Time Warner Interactive for a 1997 release. There's a copy of Shinrei Jusatsushi Tarōmaru right now on eBay for $852.

This game has two protagonists for the player to choose from--a couple of bounty hunting ninjas named Enkai and Tarōmaru. The game is set in feudal Japan with a looming threat of evil demons. Players must defeat these monsters in order to save the princess, so to speak.

Lucienne's Quest

Console: 3DO

Remember all those hours spent as a child playing 3DO? Probably not. This was a short-lived console with limited titles—the most sought after of which is the North American release of Lucienne's Quest, developed by Microcabin.

The game is an RPG set in its own fictional fantasy world. It uses a turn-based battle system with artwork oriented across an isometric grid. Lucienne's Quest has sold for as much as $1250.

Yoshi’s Story International Version

Console: Nintendo 64

This cartridge is really hard to come by as only a few were ever produced. It runs exclusively on American Nintendo 64 consoles but none of the text is in English. Players must navigate a Japanese menu to play this game.

As of writing, a copy is available on eBay for a price of $49,999. It's unlikely to sell at that price but fun to see a copy in the wild none-the-less!

Paper Mario

Console: Nintendo 64

Paper Mario is like regular Mario but a little bit flat. This game spawned a series of spin-off games and sequels spanning as recently as 2020. If you have a copy of the Paper Mario PAL version, you're in serious luck.

PAL version Graded sealed in box copies have gone for as much as $1394 Sealed-in-box copies of Paper Mario PAL edition for the Nintendo 64 have sold for as much as $1394.

Goemon’s Great Adventure

Console: Nintendo 64

Goeman's Great Adventure is a sequel game released in 1998 for the Nintendo 64. As this game debuted on the tail end of the N64 lifespan, copies of it are harder to come by. In 2019, a graded copy sold for $1499.

The game is a side-scrolling platform game developed and released by Konami. It takes place in Edo Japan, centering around protagonist Goemon. He's a thick-haired ninja known for carrying a kiser.

NBA Elite 11

Console: PlayStation 3

Back in 2010, EA decided to develop a new title for its NBA Live series. The end result was NBA Elite 11--the first and only NBA Live game to feature the name "NBA Elite".

The game had revised a few core gameplay mechanics that made some aspects more difficult while others were made easier. Ultimately, EA scrapped the project but copies of this super rare PS3 title can still be found online. The highest price this rare title went for was $1,500.

Eli’s Ladder

Console: Atari 2600

Some games are made for learning and Eli's Ladder is one of them. The goal of this game is to help kids learn math. As players complete math problems, Eli the alien ascends his ladder which leads to his spaceship. If you want to get Eli to the moon, you better whip out a calculator.

The original game came with instructions, a certificate, a worksheet, and even a wall chart with stickers. Finding all of the accessories is nearly impossible.

Amazing Tater

Console: Game Boy

Amazing Tater is a puzzle adventure game for the original Game Boy. The second part of a series called Kwirk (or Puzzle Boy in Japan), the game features simple gameplay: the player pushes blocks around the screen to solve a series of puzzles.

Unfortunately for developer Atlus, audience reception was poor and sales were far lower than its predecessor. This was likely due to a mix of poor marketing and a general distaste for the vegetable-based character design.

The rarity of Amazing Tater went unnoticed until 2012 when cartridge prices jumped from $15 to $130. The most notable copy sold for $1,688 in 2016—a well-preserved, complete set that included all reading materials and the original box. There's a similar listing on eBay now for $1,799.99.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Fortune Hunter Edition

Console: PlayStation 3

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is an action-adventure game by studio Naughty Dog. It was released on the PlayStation 3 back in 2009, but only a lucky few got their hands on the Fortune Hunter Edition. This special pack included:

  • Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
  • DLC
  • Collectible art book
  • Replica of the Phurba Dagger artifact
  • Autographed case from the Naughty Dog team

Winners were randomly chosen from a pool of users who participated in the demo weekend contest. Any PlayStation user who played the game online was entered into the drawing automatically.

The complete set is hard to find and can be extremely valuable. Prices reached as high as $8,000 back in 2012. Today, a complete set can fetch around $1,900.

Panzer Dragoon Saga

Console: Sega Saturn

Panzer Dragoon Saga is an RPG created for the Sega Saturn console and released in 1998. It's one of the rarest Sega Saturn titles with one copy selling for as much as $2000.

Panzer Dragoon Saga stood out from other games in the Panzer Dragoon franchise at the time as they weren't even RPGs but rather rail shooters. This RPG is a must-have for any Sega Saturn collector.

Shantae Game Boy Color game

Console: Game Boy Color

Shantae is a platformer for the Game Boy color created by husband and wife duo Erin and Matt Bozon. The two struggled for years to get Shantae off the ground. It wasn't until 2002 that it finally found a home on the Game Boy Color.

The timing of its release proved to be detrimental, having arrived after the Game Boy Advance launch. Sales were low and, according to Kotaku, only 25,000 copies are estimated to have been produced—making Shantae a highly sought-after rarity.

Copies in sealed mint condition have sold for over $2,000 as recently as 2017. Even today, authenticated mint copies can go for $2,100.


Console: SNES

EarthBound (known as Mother 2 in Japan) is a JPRG classic for the SNES. The game was released in 1995 with a serious price tag of $70. Customers received a small package of items to accompany their game—this included things like a full-sized guide book, scratch-and-sniff stickers, and more.

The Nintendo 64 arrived a year later, making it hard for Earthbound to compete. Reception with American audiences was already low, pushing the game further into obscurity as only 150,000 copies were sold. Since then, the game has adopted a bit of a cult following and is included as one of the games on the Super NES Classic Edition.

Factory sealed copies have reportedly sold for over $3,000 as recent as 2013. Today, a sealed mint set can fetch over $2,100, while loose copies are worth at least $100.

Harvest Moon

Console: SNES

Harvest Moon is a farming simulator for the Super Nintendo. It was released the same year as the Nintendo 64, making it hard to thrive in a market where gamers were already moving to the new system.

Harvest Moon was developed by Marvelous Entertainment, but the North America rights are held by Natsume. In 2016, a rare copy of Harvest Moon for the SNES was auctioned by Natsume and sold for $2,199.99. Loose copies are easily worth $100.

Elemental Gearbolt: Assassin’s Case Edition

Console: PlayStation

Elemental Gearbolt is a shooter for the PlayStation developed by Alfa System in 1997. The game itself isn't notably rare, but the Assassin's Case Edition definitely is. Fewer than 50 cases were produced for this special edition and only four are confirmed to have sold. The Elemental Gearbolt: Assassin's Case Edition includes:

  • Aluminum embossed case with the Elemental Gearbolt logo
  • Sealed copy of Elemental Gearbolt
  • Golden Namco GunCon controller
  • Red or Gold PlayStation memory card
  • Letter from Working Designs

This special package could only be won at the Elemental Gearbolt tournament at E3 in 1998. Collectors will be hard-pressed to find a copy available for sale. But if you do find one, it's usually in the $2,200 range.

Luigi’s Mansion

Console: GameCube

Luigi's Mansion was released in 2001 for the Nintendo GameCube and it was a hit. Players control Luigi as the protagonist this time on a quest to save his brother Mario. In a dark turn of events, Luigi finds himself capturing ghosts in a spooky, haunted mansion.

This game on its own isn't that rare but early editions are another story. If you have one of the first copies of Luigi's Mansion in optimal, factory-sealed condition, it can fetch over $2400.

Mega Man V

Console: Game Boy

Mega Man V, an action platformer for the original Game Boy, is part five of a bigger series known in Japan as Rockman World. Mega Man V stood out from its predecessors with new levels, bosses, and original assets. The game was met with mixed reception, likely contributing to lower sales. It didn't help that this was the fifth game in the Mega Man franchise, released while audiences were already feeling a bit of series fatigue.

Today, Mega Man V is one of the most sought-after rarities in the gaming market. Sealed copies can go for up to $2,500, with loose copies selling for around $100.

Did you know that there's a mobile version of Mega Man 5 you can try?! And check out our list of incredible free-to-play mobile games.

Star Fox: Super Weekend Cartridge

Console: Nintendo 64

If you're a fan of Star Fox, you know what this game has to offer! This is a 3D rail shooter developed for the Super Nintendo in 1993. It was created in tandem by both Nintendo and Argonaut Software.

This cartridge is far from your everyday copy of Star Fox, however. Star Fox: Super Weekend is ultra-rare and can go for as much as $2500.

Snowboard Kids 2

Console: Nintendo 64

Three guesses what this game is about! Players can choose from nine playable characters and 15 separate courses in this snowboarding-themed game for the Nintendo 64.

This game is a sequel to "Snowboard Kids and precursor to SBK: Snowboard Kids*. This game was developed by a team known as Racjin in 1992. Copies have been known to go for as much as $2500.


Console: Ultravision

This Atari 2600 game, known as Karate, saw multiple releases over the years. There are two separate versions for this title. If you have one of them, you might be sitting on a gold mine. One edition is known as the Froggo release and it isn't that hard to come by. What you want to keep an eye out for here is the Ultravision release.

High-quality copies of the Karate Ultravision edition have sold for as much as $2500. If you want to know what the gameplay is like, you don't need to shell out thousands for a rare copy of Karate. The Froggo edition plays exactly like the Ultravision release.

Dead Space Ultra Limited Edition

Console: Xbox 360

Dead Space is a survival horror game for the Xbox 360. When it was released in 2008, EA announced the Dead Space Ultra Limited Edition version of the game. Only 1,000 units were produced for pre-order on the EA Store. This rare package includes:

  • Dead Space for the Xbox 360
  • Bonus content
  • Animated Downfall DVD
  • Lithograph artwork
  • Artbook
  • Graphic novel
  • Ishimura crew patch

It's not easy to get your hands on this collector's set, but it's not impossible either. Bids have reached as high as $2,500 as recent as 2018. There's a listing on eBay right now with a Buy It Now price of $2,400.

Rule of Rose

Console: PlayStation 2

Rule of Rose is a PlayStation 2 gam3 released in 2006. It's a survival horror game developed by a team known as Punchline.

This game is super hard to get ahold of with one sealed copy going for as much as $3000 back in 2020. If you're into horror or just want to max out your PS2 collection, you may want to add Rule of Rose to your shelf.

Pepsi Invaders

Console: Atari 2600

Pepsi Invaders is a unique edition of the classic Space Invaders. It was part of a gift package, which also included an Atari 2600, for Coca-Cola executives at a sales convention in the early 1980s. The box is plain with a small sticker that reads, "Atari Goes Better With Coke".

"Atari Goes Better With Coke."

The game plays just like Space Invaders, but this time the aliens have been replaced with letters to spell PEPSI. The top of the screen reads "Coke Wins", but programmer Christopher Omarzu insists he has no memory of adding it to the game.

Finding a copy of this promotional game is very difficult as only 125 copies were ever made. A complete Pepsi Invaders set sold in 2013 for $3,500. Loose cartridges can sell for over $800.

The Adventures Of Batman & Robin

Console: Super Nintendo

Batman and Robin have stopped a few bad guys in their day, but, thanks to this game, they've also stopped a few collectors from completing their collections. The Super Nintendo version of The Adventures of Batman and Robin was developed by Konami and released in 1995. Graded copies with the highest quality have gone for as much as $3500 per game.

Players must complete multiple levels, each somewhat based on an episode of the animated series. Today, this game is noted for its rarity and collectible value.

Spud's Adventure

Console: Game Boy

Spud's Adventure is an action RPG based on the Puzzle Boy series (see Amazing Tater above). Instead of working through puzzles, this game is a full-fledged action RPG. The story follows Spud, an eager potato who's determined to rescue Princess Mato.

The developer of Spud's Adventure, Altus, didn't create many copies of this title—making it one of the rarest Game Boy games. Collectors have paid up to $3,500 for a mint copy. Loose copies sell for around $200.

ClayFighter Sculptor's Cut

Console: Nintendo 64

ClayFighter: Sculptor's Cut is an update for ClayFighter 63⅓, providing more characters and gameplay elements. This edition was released as a Blockbuster Video rental exclusive in 1998, meaning you could only rent this game from Blockbuster.

Getting your hands on a copy today is tricky—especially if you want the original box. Many of the Blockbuster stores discarded or lost them over the years. If you manage to find a copy with the box, it could go for up to $4,000.

Wrecking Crew

Console: NES

Wrecking Crew was released in 1985 for the NES. The game wasn't designed with Mario in mind, but he eventually made his way to the role of protagonist. You play as Mario—smashing objects in a certain order without trapping or injuring him. The game also included a level editor which would become a recurring feature in various future Mario titles.

Unfortunately, American players were unable to save their progress. The Japanese version used a tape drive accessory to save progress which was unavailable to American customers. Sealed copies of Wrecking Crew have sold for as much as $4,060.

Today, a new copy of Wrecking Crew can fetch over $1,600.

Batman Forever Limited Edition PAL

Console: PAL SNES

Batman Forever is a beat 'em up game based on the Batman movie of the same name. The game wasn't well received by fans and sales were lower than expected. The rare edition mentioned here is the Batman Forever Limited Edition for the PAL SNES.

This cartridge is hard to get your hands on and is known as one of the rarest SNES games. Loose copies alone can net more than $500. There are very few official records of recent sales for this game, but estimates put new mint copies in the $4,000 range.

Exertainment Mountain Bike Rally & Speed Racer

Console: SNES/Life Fitness Exertainment System

Separately, these games aren’t worth much—but combined they're seriously valuable! This combination cartridge for the SNES contains both Entertainment Mountain Bike Rally and Speed Racer. Both of these games were compatible with the hyper rare SNES exercise bike, Life Fitness Exertainment System. Pedaling the bike in real life controlled your character in the game.

The SNES bike was sold in a bundle with the special 2-in-1 cartridge. This makes the cartridge about as common as the Life Fitness Exertainment System. Mint copies of this cartridge can go for more than $4,800.

DuckTales Remastered Press Kit

Console: NES

In 2013, Capcom sent a promotional package to prominent media members with a rare edition of DuckTales for the NES. Only 150 packages were created, making this one of the rarest video games out there today.

The package included:

  • Golden DuckTales NES cartridge
  • Metal DuckTales lunchbox
  • Quackety Quack! music program guide
  • Certificate of authenticity
  • Shredded money

An auction was started in 2014 at $5 for a special Artistic Proof version. This auction ended with a sale total of $5,100.

King of Fighters 2000 Neo Geo English

Console: Neo Geo

The King of Fighters 2000 English version is considered one of the rarest games for the Neo Geo. There are only 100 copies confirmed to exist, making sales few and far between. The game had an extremely limited release in North America.

If you manage to spot a loose copy, you'll be extremely lucky. In June 2017, this mint-in-box copy was sold for $5,750.

The Flintstones: The Surprise At Dinosaur Peak!

Console: NES

The Flintstones: The Surprise At Dinosaur Peak! was released as a rental game exclusive. Many publishers at the time were skipping the traditional market in favor of the lending business model—especially considering the SNES was released 4 years prior.

As with many rental exclusives, finding a nice copy with the box intact is rare. For many years, this game flew under the radar. By loose copies were selling for $250. Today, a mint copy with a box can fetch over $6,600!

Super Copa

Console: SNES

Super Copa is a Spanish/Portuguese version of another game called Tony Meola's Sidekicks Soccer. It was developed by Sculptured Software and released in 1993. It used the same engine as NCAA Basketball and NHL Stanley Cup Hockey.

The game was only issued in Latin American countries, making it very hard to find. The limited release puts a sealed mint copy in the $6,900 range.

Atlantis II

Console: Atari 2600

Atlantis II was released for an Atari 2600 tournament in the early '80s. Copies of Atlantis II were given to winners of the tournament. The gameplay itself is identical to Atlantis with only a few changes: faster speed and a new scoring system.

Copies of Atlantis II are beyond sparse. There are very few confirmed sales of this cartridge. There was a copy, however, that managed to sell in 2011 for $6,982.

Little Samson

Console: NES

Little Samson is an action platformer released for the NES back in 1992. Like many NES games released after the SNES launch, its sales were limited. Many fans were already investing in the latest Nintendo console, leaving Little Samson behind.

Unboxed cartridges of this title go for as much as $1,000. Mint-in-box editions are well over the $8,000 price range. This poorly timed NES classic is easily one of the rarest NES titles you can find.

Super Mario Bros. 2 Asian Version

Console: NES

This special version of Super Mario Bros. 2 was created for a Hong Kong audience, where most residents speak both English and Cantonese. These cartridges were not very common, but they do appear from time to time in various auctions.

If you're lucky enough to get your hands on Super Mario Bros. 2 Asian Version, you're looking at a cartridge valued at more than $1,000. Mint copies have been reported to have sold for more than $10,000.

Red Sea Crossing

Console: Atari 2600

Created by Steve Slack from Inspiration Video Concepts, Red Sea Crossing was released in 1983 with only 100 copies having ever been produced. The team only marketed the new game in a few magazines and it quickly dissolved into obscurity.

So far, only 2 copies have surfaced. The original advertisement also promised a coloring book and audiotape, but neither of these have been found. A copy of Red Sea Crossing sold in 2012 for $10,000.

Blockbuster World Championships II

Console: Mega Drive

This cartridge was created for the Blockbuster World Championships II (although it only took place in America, not worldwide). Contestants could choose to play either NBA Jam Tournament Edition or Judge Dredd on the SEGA Master System, or Donkey Kong Country on the Super Nintendo.

After the tournament ended in July in 1995, Acclaim ordered the Mega Drive cartridges be destroyed. Only a handful have appeared over the years, but they are out there! A rough copy can easily go to $2,000. In 2013, one appeared in a SEGA bundle at Goodwill, fetching $10,500.

Nintendo Powerfest

Console: SNES

In 1994, Nintendo held a competition in North America called Nintendo Powerfest. Teams played three SNES games: Super Mario Kart, Super Mario All-Stars, and Ken Griffey Jr. Home Run Derby. The Nintendo Powerfest cartridge contains a competition version of all three games.

33 cartridges were created for the competition, but 31 of them were recycled for parts. Only 2 cartridges are confirmed to exist. A few sales have taken place over the years, putting the average price around $15,600.

Kizuna Encounter

Console: Neo Geo

This fighting game was created for the Neo Geo back in 1996. The Japanese edition isn't too rare but only five copies of the European PAL version are known to be in circulation. The highest price paid for one of these copies was $12,500.

The game is a sequel title to Savage Reign. Players must once again battle their way through King Leo's Battle of the Beast God tournament but this time it has a team mechanic for two-player support.

Tetris Autographed

Console: Mega Drive

Tetris was developed in the early '80s under the USSR. The game itself was considered the property of the state at the time. International licensing for the title quickly became confusing. SEGA, having their own edition for the Mega Drive, decided to cease production after the fallout of a lawsuit with the Kyoto-based publisher Tengen and their NES version of Tetris.

Because of the low production numbers, this edition is notoriously rare. One lucky buyer snagged a signed copy featuring the autograph of Tetris creator Alexey Pajitnov for $16,000. It's said to be the only one like it in existence so he tried—and failed—to sell it for $1,000,000.

Tetris made our list of the best games from the year you were born. Find out what year!

Nintendo Campus Challenge

Console: SNES

Nintendo's Campus Challenge event was held in 1992. Contestants were up against Nintendo's finest games—Super Mario World, F-Zero, and Pilotwings. Competition versions of the games were put together on a single cartridge created just for the event.

After the competition, the cartridges were ordered to be destroyed. Only 3 have been confirmed to exist since the 1992 competition. In 2009, one of these cartridges surfaced and sold for $20,000.

Sealed Super Mario Bros.

Console: NES

Super Mario Bros. for the NES is far from rare—it's one of the most popular games for the console. But that didn't stop collectors from losing their collective minds over this factory sealed copy that showed up in 2017.

If you've got a copy of Super Mario Bros. lying around, you're better off playing it. But if it happens to be in the original box with the factory sealing, you're looking at a potential $30,000 payoff.

Air Raid

Console: Atari 2600

Air Raid is well known in the gaming community as the rarest Atari game. It's the only game ever created by Men-A-Vision and was released in 1982. The gameplay is simple and involves defending Manhattan from flying saucers.

A copy surfaced in 2012 from a man who supposedly received it in the early '80s. He owned a drug store and was given a copy to test by a sales rep. He contacted the rep after deciding the game was a poor fit for his customers. The sales rep told him to hang onto the game since nobody else wanted it either. Air Raid sold for a total of $33,433 at auction.

Gamma Attack

Console: Atari 2600

This game is so rare, no one knows how much it's even worth. Only one copy is known to exist and it's owned by Anthony Denardo who listed this super rare Atari 2600 game on eBay for $500,000 in 2008. Despite the game being literally one-of-a-kind, there were no bidders.

The actual cartridge may be hidden from the public but the ROM has leaked online. It's not hard to find gameplay footage of this unreleased Atari 2600 title.

Stadium Events

Console: NES

Only 2,000 copies of Stadium Events were ever produced. Of those 2,000 copies, only 200 made it to store shelves—even then, it was exclusively sold at Woolworths in the Northeastern United States. The game was recalled and released under a new title: World Class Track Meet.

Only 11 copies of Stadium Events have ever been confirmed. A copy made headlines in 2017 when it sold for over $41,000.

1990 Nintendo World Championships

Console: NES

Nintendo held a competition in 1990 in search of the greatest NES player, sending a team across the United States to compete using a special championship cartridge. The cartridge contained a single level from each of several games used in the competition, as well a set of physical DIP switches to toggle between them.

The Nintendo World Championships event shared its name with the [gray] cartridges used to compete in the event, as well as the [gold] cartridges given as prizes to the winners.

There were originally over 1,000 cartridges used throughout the competition. Winners were given commemorative cartridges, while the majority of the remainder were repurposed for the upcoming Campus Challenge event.

Fun fact: the 1989 movie The Wizard, which was basically a giant Nintendo commercial, was the inspiration for the Nintendo World Championships event. Just check out the final scenes from that film and you can imagine what the actual event was like:

Watch the video:

Only 90 gray and 26 gold carts are confirmed to exist. In 2014, one of the gold cartridges sold at auction for $100,000. The buyer insists the bid was a mistake, but who wouldn't want the opportunity to get their hands on this piece of Nintendo history?

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