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Top 10 Enchantments in Minecraft

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March 25, 2024
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Minecraft is an epic sandbox video game developed by Swedish game developer Mojang Studios.
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The longer you play Minecraft, the more you realize that early-game tools just won’t cut it. Exploring the enchantment feature of Minecraft can be exciting, but also intimidating. Rather than worry about researching enchantments, below are the best enchantments in Minecraft!

To learn how to enchant items, check out this guide!

In this guide, you’ll see a list of Primary Items and Secondary Items. Primary Items can receive the enchantment through an enchanting table, which Secondary Items require an enchanted book applied at an anvil.

1 – Mending

Primary Items: None
Secondary Items: All armor, tools, elytra, and weapons.
Max Enchantment Level: 1
Incompatibilities: Infinity

What does the Mending enchantment do?

This is the most important enchantment to get, especially once you’ve reached diamond tools and armor. Mending uses XP orbs to repair the item it’s bound to. It can only be found as an enchanted book through chest loot, fighting, raids or villager trading. The rate of repair is two durability per point of experience.

2 – Unbreaking

Only one shovel was used!

Primary Items: All armor and tools, crossbow, trident, bow, and turtle shell.
Secondary Items: Shears, flint and steel, shield, carrot on a stick, warped fungus on a stick, and elytra.
Max Enchantment Level: 3
Incompatibilities: None

What does the Unbreaking enchantment do?

Essentially, the Unbreaking enchantment increases an item’s durability by giving a chance for an item to avoid durability reduction during use. With Unbreaking III, an item’s average lifetime increases by 300%!

3 – Silk Touch

Primary Items: Pickaxe, shovel, axe, and hoe.
Secondary Items: Shears (Bedrock Edition only)
Max Enchantment Level: 1
Incompatibilities: Fortune

What does the Silk Touch enchantment do?

One of the most sought after enchantments, Silk Touch allows blocks to drop themselves rather than their usual items while mined. For example, mushroom blocks and mycelium can only be acquired with Silk Touch.

4 – Knockback

Primary Items: Sword
Secondary Items: None
Max Enchantment Level: 2
Incompatibilities: None

What does the Knockback enchantment do?

Players and mobs can be knocked back when receiving damage. The resulting disorientation could be fatal, as it’s possible to be knocked back over a cliff or into lava. The Knockback enchantment increases a sword’s knockback. For each level of enchantment, Knockback adds three blocks distance to the base knockback.

5 – Efficiency

Primary Items: Pickaxe, shovel, axe, hoe
Secondary Items: Shears
Max Enchantment Level: 5
Incompatibilities: None

What does the Efficiency enchantment do?

Simply put, Efficiency increases the player’s mining speed. Stone tools can only receive up Efficiency V by combining two items with Efficiency IV. Diamond tools cannot be given Efficiency V, but they can be found in an end city or bastion remnant chest. The best tools to have Efficiency on is an iron or netherite pickaxe. After all, what’s a better feeling than mining through terracotta like a knife through butter?

6 – Feather Falling

Primary Items: Boots
Secondary Items: None
Max Enchantment Level: 4
Incompatibilities: None

What does the Feather Falling enchantment do?

Feather Falling reduces fall damage, which is what makes it so vital for hardcore difficulty players. It’s one of the rarest enchantments, with only a 2.7% chance of Feather Falling IV appearing on boots enchanted with the enchanting table.

7 – Fire Protection

No damage was taken during this photo!

Primary Items: All armor and the turtle shell.
Secondary Items: None
Max Enchantment Level: 4
Incompatibilities: Blast Protection, Protection, Projectile Protection

What does the Fire Protection enchantment do?

Fire Protection is an armor enchantment that reduces damage from fire. It’s especially helpful to have this enchantment when exploring the Nether. Hypothetically, if all armor a player was wearing was enchanted with Fire Protection, the only way they’d burn is by standing in a fire or lava.

8 – Aqua Affinity

Primary Items: Helmet and turtle shell.
Secondary Items: None
Max Enchantment Level: 1
Incompatibilities: None

What does the Aqua Affinity enchantment do?

When mining underwater, blocks take five times as long to mine. With Aqua Affinity, players can increase their underwater mining speed. Match this enchantment with Depth Strider for boots, and you’ll be able to mine and move around quickly while underwater!

9 – Looting

“The real treasure was the rotten flesh we got on the way.” – No one ever

Primary Items: Sword
Secondary Items: None
Max Enchantment Level: 3
Incompatibilities: None

What does the Looting enchantment do?

For anyone who has a mob farm in order to get more item drops, Looting is a perfect sword enchantment to have. The Looting enchantment causes mobs to drop more items and increases the chance of rare drops.

Keep in mind that there are a few restrictions to Looting:

  • Mobs with no drops are not affected.
  • Withers, iron golems, and snow golems are not affected.
  • Looting does not increase the amount of wool dropped by sheep or the sponge drop from an elder guardian.
  • Totems of undying dropped by evokers are not affected.

10 – Fortune

Primary Items: Pickaxe, shovel, axe, and hoe.
Secondary Items: None
Max Enchantment Level: 3
Incompatibilities: Silk Touch

What does the Fortune enchantment do?

The Fortune enchantment increases the number and/or chances of specific item drops. The best use case for the Fortune enchantment is with a pickaxe on ore blocks. For example, with Fortune II, a nether gold ore could drop up to 18 gold nuggets rather than the standard 2-6!

To learn how to remove an enchantment, check out this guide!


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