How to Change Your Arris WiFi Password

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Changing your WiFi password is an easy way to add a little more security to your wireless network or change the random default password to something you can remember.

If you want to update the WiFi password on your Arris router, connect a computer to it directly with an ethernet cable.

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Open a browser window, and log in to your Arris router. Visit our guide on how to log into an Arris router for specific details on this process.

You'll need to find your network security key, if you don't already have it.

Once you've logged into the web portal, look for security settings. You may need to scroll down or check the sidebar depending on the exact model of your router. The field we're looking for is labeled "Pre-shared key".

Enter the new WiFi password in the "Pre-shared key" field. Making the password more complex will be safer than using a simple one. Consider using a few rules when creating a new password. For example:

  1. Avoid using dictionary words.
  2. Use numbers and special characters.
  3. Use uppercase and lowercase letters.

Enter the password again if asked to confirm the new key.

Click Save once the new password has been entered. Once the changes have saved, restart your Arris device, and test the new WiFi password.

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If you want to keep your Time Warner network secure, you should consider changing your WiFi password. A rotating password adds an extra layer of security that can easily thwart would-be hackers.