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How to remove Siri from the Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro

  • by Zach (130)
  • 2 minutes

You probably use your backspace [delete] key quite a bit. If you have a Macbook Pro, you probably also hit the Open Siri button quite a bit, as it is (in)conveniently located adjacent to the backspace key.

This is quite annoying.

This short guide will show you how to remove the Siri button from your Macbook Pro's touch bar, disabling the button without disabling Siri.


Open System Preferences

Click on the Apple icon and select System Preferences.


Open Keyboard Settings

Click the Keyboard system preference icon.


Customize the Control Strip

Click the Customize Control Strip... button.


Remove or replace the Touch Bar Siri button

Move your mouse down, off your screen and INTO the touch bar. This will highlight each menu item. Highlight the Siri button, click, and drag the Siri button upward and out of the Touch Bar. It will now disappear.

You can optionally add a new button to replace the Siri button, but I chose to leave it empty because I inadvertently click in the space all the time.


You go to hell Siri and you die there.