Chromebook Screenshot
Take a screenshot. It will last longer.
Don't want to delete your passwords one at a time? No problem.
Free Google Home Mini from Spotify
Spotify is giving a Google Home Mini to every paying member.
Google Chrome power users likely make use of profiles to manage various browsing contexts. There are many advantages to doing so.
I'm the kind of person who uses both Google and Apple products. All of my calendar data is saved to a few different Google calendars, but I generally use Apple's Calendar on my Mac and iPhone.
Everybody makes mistakes. At last, Google has given us the ability to undo sent emails in Gmail.
Tired of constantly closing the downloads bar in Chrome after a download has completed? As a web developer who constantly downloads things, I was too.
Downloading a Google Spreadsheet as a .csv file is easy.
This command will allow you to view a complete list of shortcuts in Google Drive Spreadsheets.
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